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Traceable Art at Year’s End

As the new calendar year begins, it’s time for another update on the Traceable Art collection. Over the last two months, over a hundred and thirty illustrations have been added, bringing the total to just over five thousand images.

More than half of the new entries are ordinaries and field divisions from Gunnvôr silfrahárr‘s Viking Answer Lady SVG Images For Heralds. With this update, nearly all of the images from this collection are now included in the Traceable Art.

A few additional original illustrations have also been added in this round, from new contributor Hu Zhen and returning artists Iago ab Adam and Li Xia.

And as usual, there are also a number of images drawn from period sources, including Stemmario TrivulzianoSammelband Mehrerer Wappenbücher, the Arlberg Tiroler Handschrift, Vigil Raber‘s Neustifter WappenbuchAdriaen Coenensz‘s Vis Booc, and Arma Regni Poloniae.

Recent additions are listed below, with labels for new entries or multiple related illustrations.

  • Fields: Vair
  • Divisions: Per Bend Dovetailed; Per Bend Nebuly; Per Bend Raguly; Per Bend Rayonny; Per Bend Wavy; Per Bend Sinister a Cross Issuant (New); Per Chevron Nebuly (2); Per Chevron Ployé; Per Chevron Inverted Rayonny; Per Fess Enarched; Per Fess Indented; Per Fess Nebuly; Per Pale Dovetailed; Per Pale Embattled; Per Pale Indented; Per Pale Nebuly (2); Per Pale Raguly; Per Pale Rayonny; Per Pale Wavy; Per Fess and Per Pale Embattled; Barry Nebuly; Barry Bendy; Barry and Per Pale Indented; Bendy and Per Pale; Checky (2); Lozengy (3); Paly Bendy; Paly and Per Fess Indented (New)
  • Ordinaries: Two Bars Dancetty (New); Base; Base Embattled; Bend Cotised; Bend Cotised Engrailed On The Outer Edge (New); Bend Raguly; Bend Rayonny (New); Two Bendlets Wavy (New); Bordure Compony (2); Bordure Embattled; Bordure Engrailed; Bordure Parted Bordurewise Embattled; Bordure Parted Bordurewise Indented; Bordure Parted Bordurewise Wavy; Bordure Rayonny; Chevron Bretessed (New, 2); Chevron Cotised; Chevron Embattled Counter-Embattled; Chevron Engrailed; Chevron Fimbriated (New); Chevron Rompu; Chevron Wavy (New); Chevron Inverted; Chief Embattled; Chief Enarched; Chief Enarched Wavy (New); Chief Engrailed; Chief Indented; Chief Invected; Chief Nebuly; Chief Potenty; Chief Rayonny; Chief Wavy; Cross Fimbriated; Cross Voided (New); Fess; Fess Cotised; Fess Dancetty; Fess Embattled; Fess Nebuly; Fess Rayonny; Fess Voided (New); Flaunches; Gore; Gussets; Pale Endorsed Engrailed On The Outer Edge (New); Pale Engrailed (New, 2); Pale Fimbriated (New); Pale Voided (New); Pall Inverted Raguly (New); Pall Inverted Rayonny (New); Saltire Dancetty (New); Saltire Fimbriated (New); Saltire Voided (New); Tierce Nebuly (New)
  • Shapes & Symbols: Ermine Spot (3)
  • Fishes: Lobster; Sea-Tortoise; Stockfish
  • Birds: Eagle’s Head Erased
  • Beasts: Fox’s Tail; Monkey Sejant Erect
  • Food: Bowl
  • Clothes: Quill of Yarn
  • Buildings: Tower (3); Wall
  • Arts and Sciences: Escroll
  • Ships & Fishing: Crow’s Nest (New)
  • Military: Sword; Sword in Its Sheath
  • Assorted Objects: Cushion; Furison; Rod
  • Diapering: Almonds (2); Swallowtails (New, 2); Lines (New, 2)
  • Display Worksheets: Gonfalon (2)

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