About The Author

Greetings, and thank you for your interest in this humble blog.

I am Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, known in modern life as Matthew Simon Ryan Cavalletto.

Since 2016 I have held a number of heraldic positions for the Canton of Appleholm (New York City’s Manhattan), the surrounding Crown Province of Østgarđr, and the East Kingdom

My primary heraldic interests are in armorial design, where I serve as a consulting herald and am working on the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art, but I also dabble in local society history and cartography, as well as serving as a youth combat marshal and using my limited carpentry skills to build some simple objects for use at society events.

My arms are per fess argent and vert, a bear passant gules.

My society name is of Irish origin, and is pronounced something like “Ma-huwan Wah Ru-ahn,” with a guttural sound between the two syllables of the first name. However, Irish accents have shifted over the last thousand years and varied from region to region, so several other pronunciations would also be acceptable; many people in my local area say the name as if they were reading the modern Irish form of the name according to English pronunciation rules, “Mathúin,” and my teen son likes “Ma-who-in Oh Ruin.”

Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback about this site or related matters.