Autumn Art Updates

Over the last two months, more than a hundred new entries have been added to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art, putting it on track to pass five thousand charges and fields some time around the end of the calendar year.

I’m pleased to welcome first-time contributors Di Amador and Sneferu ex Artemisias, and extend my thanks to returning artists Saewynn aet Cnolle, Vémundr Syvursson, Iago ab Adam, Jessimond of Emerickeskepe, and Maryan Hoskyns.

If you’ve drawn heraldic line art that you’re willing to share with the community, or would like to find another way of getting involved, please drop me a line!

We continue to collect examples from period and early-modern documents including Le Second Volume de la Premiere Partye du Blason d’Armoiries, Lambeth MS 774, Araldo Nel Quale si Vedono Delineate e Colorite le Armi de’ Potentati e Sovrani d’Europa, and Zrdcadlo Slavného Margrabstwii Morawského.

Recent additions are listed below, with labels for new entries or multiple related illustrations.

  • Divisions: Per Bend Crusilly Counter-Crusilly (new), Per Fess Crusilly Counter-Crusilly (new), Per Fess Engrailed Trefly (new), Per Fess Indented, Per Fess Indented and a Pale Counterchanged (new), Per Fess Wavy, Per Pale With Two Embattlements (new), Chevronelly, Gyronny of 3 Arrondi, Gyronny of 10
  • Ordinaries: Bend Wavy (3), Bend Wavy Singly Cotised (new), Chevronels, Chief Indented, Fess Invected Trefly on the Bottom Edge (new), Pale Wavy, Pile Between Two Piles Inverted (new)
  • Shapes & Symbols: Cinquefoil Shape (new), Cross Flory (2), Cross Gringoly (new), Cross Of Calvary, Escarbuncle (2), Mullet of 10 Points Pierced (new), Mullet of 12 Points (new), Roundel
  • The World & Heavens: Rainbow
  • Plants: Apple, Apple Slipped and Leaved (2), Ragged Branch Twined on Itself (new), Dogwood Blossom, Linden Branch of Three Leaves Throughout Bendwise (new), Orange Leaf Slipped (new), Tree Stump Eradicated, Trefoil
  • Invertebrates: Beetle (new)
  • Fishes: Escallop, Fish’s Head Couped (new), Seal Sejant (new)
  • Reptiles: Serpent Glissant
  • Birds: Crow, Panache of Ostrich Feathers, Swan
  • Beasts: Ass Rampant (new), Bear Sejant Erect (new), Bear’s Jambe Couped, Beaver Sejant Erect (new), Cameleopard Statant (2), Elephant Passant, Fox Courant Regardant (new), Hippopotamus Rampant (new), Lion, Lion Passant, Lion Passant Guardant, Lion Sejant, Racoon Rampant (new), Ram Clymant, Ram Statant
  • People: Arm Couped, Arm in Armor Embowed, Cubit Arm in Armor (new)
  • Food: Trammel Hook
  • Clothes: Bag, Collar (new), Crown, Hand Mirror, Sandal (new)
  • Tools: Hammer, Closing Nail, Closing Nails Transfixing a Bend, Tenterhook (new, 2)
  • Buildings: Bridge From Overhead (new), House, Window
  • Arts and Sciences: Caligraphy Knife (new), Chess Piece
  • Farming and Hunting: Carriage Frame (2), Millstone
  • Military: Archery Target, Arquebus (new), Chaine Shot, Lance Fracted (new, 2)
  • Assorted Objects: Candle Enflamed, Felloe (new, 4), Wheel with A Broken Rim (new)
  • Escutcheon Outlines: Italian Adarga
  • Mantling, Helms & Crests: Angled Helm with Crest (3), Angled Helm with Mantling (3)

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