April First Submissions

Every year on the first of April, the heralds of the Society for Creative Anachronism post mock submissions of historical names and armory. You can browse an archive of these letters via the College of Heralds Imaginary.

We generally attempt to adhere to the conventions expected for normal letters of intent, including source citations and armorial rules, but our standards for documentation and style are somewhat relaxed for this humorous purpose.

Below are entries I came up with this year; some of them appeared on the Eastern and Imaginary letters. You’ll notice that a majority of them reflect the East’s theme for the year: desserts.

At the end are several entries with names italicized; in these cases, another herald provided the name and I merely added the armory.

Checky gules and argent, in pale a cup and a roundel azure charged with a crescent Or.

French Breck Fast

On a wooden plate, a gurges argent.

Sine Man Bunn

Per fess argent and vert, a bear sejant erect affronty gules.

Gumme Baer

The primary charge would benefit from some more internal detailing, but we feel it the color emblazon is sufficiently recognizable to forward for review by Wreath.

Azure, a mount argent and overall a goutte tenné.

Cara Mel Sauce

Four lozenges two and two conjoined Or.

Púph Paste

Gules, a pair of golden arches.

Berry Shake

Ben Anna Foster: Sable, atop three plates in fess, a crescent Or inflamed proper.

Azure, on a bottle Or the letters “XX” sable and in chief three mullets Or in annulo.

Lemen Cello

Gules, a dozen annulets varried.

Duncan Donat

Gules, two bars and a comble argent.

Red Belvet

The comble is a variation of a chief which is narrower than usual, found in late-period French armory.

Argent, on a torteau an annulet Or.

Invert Cake

Per pale sable and gules, a pale argent.

Napoleon Sorbet

Or, two wooden bars and a wooden comble proper.

Layer Cake

A trilithon argent semy of bunches of cherries gules.

Cherry Pie

Gules, a dozen annulets varried.

Duncan Donat

On a cartouche fesswise Or a cartouch fesswise argent.

Vanilla Aye Claire

Assistance from commenters is requested for documentation to support this metal-on-metal design.

Egge Soufflé: Issuant from a cauldron sable a cloud argent.

Argent, six “two, four, and 2 4s” two, two, one and one sable.

Messy Blazon

Argent, a lion gules

For Peter Pevensey

(Peter Pevensey is a character in the Narnia novels. This entry appeared on the Imaginary letter.)

Some commenters might note an apparent conflict with the arms of the Kingdom of Leon, but C.S. Lewis is very clear about the appearance of High King Peter’s shield, and as Narnia is outside of our universe, it is likely that they function as an independent heraldic jurisdiction and are thus not subject to conflict with mundane armory.

Sable semy of garlic bulbs argent, a rat rampant Or.

For Magrat Garlick

(Magrat Garlick is a character in the Discworld novels; her mother had intended to name her Margaret but misspelled it. This entry appeared on the Imaginary letter.)

Azure, an Eastern crown Or issuant from a mount vert.


For King Tut

This entry appeared on the An Tir letter, which documented the use of King as an English surname and Tut as a toponym meaning a hill or mound.

The pattern of charges issuant from a mount or trimount vert on an azure field is well attested in Hungarian armory. Consider the arms of Barla, 1563 (Azure, a demi-bear sable pierced by a sword argent, issuant from a mount vert), or the arms of Szoldán, 1598 (Azure, a lion statant erect Or maintaining a roundel azure standing atop a trimount vert).

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