[People’s Democratic Republic of the East, Returned, Apr 1996 LoAR]

I recently stumbled across this gem in the Archive of Laurel Letters:

Laurelin Hardy Letter of Intent of 1 April 1996

East, People’s Democratic Kingdom of the. Name and device. Purpure, in saltire a hammer and sickle within a laurel wreath, in chief a crown Or.

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April First Letters of Misintent

Once again it is time for the College of Arms’ annual April First Letters of Misintent. Last year I put together a bunch of submissions but I didn’t have time to do so this year, and will have to settle for laughing in appreciation of this very nerdy form of humor.

April First Submissions

Every year on the first of April, the heralds of the Society for Creative Anachronism post mock submissions of historical names and armory. You can browse an archive of these letters via the College of Heralds Imaginary.

We generally attempt to adhere to the conventions expected for normal letters of intent, including source citations and armorial rules, but our standards for documentation and style are somewhat relaxed for this humorous purpose.

Below are entries I came up with this year; some of them appeared on the Eastern and Imaginary letters. You’ll notice that a majority of them reflect the East’s theme for the year: desserts. Continue reading “April First Submissions”