Traceable Art Summer Update

I’ve been remiss in not posting updates about the Traceable Heraldic Art collection lately, with the last announcement having been almost nine months ago, but new material has been quietly added in fits and starts throughout that period, with over 250 new images uploaded since September.

That pace wouldn’t be possible without the kind contributors who agree to share their lovely illustrations with the heraldic community. The biggest single batch arrived from Iago ab Adam, who created vector versions of two dozen images from John Guillim’s original 1610 manuscript for A Display of Heraldry. I am also grateful to Malyss Makneile, who traced images from multiple sources to create a portfolio that I am still working through.

Thanks to all of the other new and returning artists who sent me images in recent months: Drasma Dragomira, Thora Brandsdottir, Kunigunde Wedemann, Janek Divočák, Sadhbh Bheag, Benji of Wyewood, Geffroi Tastykake, K.C. Wilson, Tali Essen of the Isles, and Valentine Ambrose. As part of this update I also digitized more than a dozen new illustrations contributed by the artists who volunteered at Heralds Point during Pennsic 50, including Li Xia, Adnar Dionadair, Kryss Kostarev, Megis Êlmanou, Wylet Fraser, and others.

My thanks also to everyone who has written in with corrections and let me know of relevant new rulings, especially Jeanne Marie Palimpsest, Ragna Quarterstaff, and Rúnfríðr Keiliselgr; I know this kind of detail-oriented feedback requires effort and I really appreciate the input.

I have continued to draw from several online collections of armorial imagery, with additional illustrations from Joakim Spuller’s WappenWiki, Grimwulf Harland’s Sledgehamster site, and public domain items from Wikimedia Commons.

I’ve also converted additional images from period sources including the Italian Insignia series, Armorial Catalan, Kenmon Shokamon, and the Funeral Arms and Commissions for Visitations. And new in this batch are two dozen images from the mid-century reference book Vocabulaire-Atlas Héraldique by Baron Stalins.

Additions since the last announcement are listed below, with parenthetical labels for new entries or multiple related illustrations.

  • Fields: Vair
  • Divisions: Barry Wavy, Bendy and Per Bend Indented (New), Per Bend Indented, Per Fess Trefly Counter-trefly
  • Ordinaries: Bars Dancetty (2), Bars Invected on the Lower Edge (New), Bars Wavy, Bend Chevronelly (New), Bend Cotised, Bend Dancetty, Bend Embattled Grady (New), Bend Engrailed, Bend Masculy (New), Bend Wavy, Bendlets, Bendlets Dancetty (New), Bendlets Gemel, Bordure, Bordure Embattled, Bordure Invected, Chevron Cotised Engrailed (New), Chevron Counter-compony, Chevron Couped, Chevron Fimbriated Engrailed (New), Chevronels, Chief And Per Saltire (New), Chief And Quarterly (New), Cross Formy Throughout, Fess Dancetty, Fess Engrailed, Fess Flory Counter-flory (New), Fess Nebuly, Fess Wavy, Pale Chevronelly (New), Pale Wavy, Pall Wavy, Pallets, Pallets Dancetty (New, 2), Pile Cotised, Pile Fimbriated (New), Pile Inverted Cotised (New), Pile Inverted Fimbriated, Saltire Fimbriated, Saltorel
  • Shapes & Symbols: Cross Crosslet Fitchy, Cross Crosslet Voided (New), Cross Floretty, Cross Flory, Cross Fourchetty (New), Cross Fourchy (3), Cross Lozenged (New), Cross Of Calatrava, Cross Of Toulouse, Cross Patonce, Cross of Five Hearts (New), Ermine Spot, Heart (2), Label, Label Dovetailed (2), Label Throughout (2), Lozenge, Mullet of 12 Points, Schnecke Issuant from Chief
  • The World & Heavens: Crescent, Increscent Moon (4), Moon In Her Plenitude, Mountain, Snowflake (2), Sun (2)
  • Plants: Borage Flower (2), Branch of Coral (New), Dandelion In Seed (New), Fleur de Lys, Laurel Wreath, Lily, Maize (New), Mulberry Leaf (New), Nadeshiko, Oak Leaf, Oak Tree Fructed, Chaplet of Roses, Thistle, Tree (4)
  • Invertebrates: Ant (New), Lobster, Moth, Scorpion, Snail (2)
  • Fishes: Cuttlefish (New), Dolphin, Fish, Lamprey (New), Murex Shell (New), Narwhal Haurient (New), Polypus, Seal (3), Skate (New)
  • Reptiles: Crocodile Passant (New), Dragon, Natural Salamander (2), Tortoise Statant (New)
  • Birds: Chough (New), Crane, Crow, Crow Regardant (New), Duck Naiant, Falcon’s Head Erased and Hooded (New), Ostrich, Pelican In Its Piety (4), Pelican Vulning Itself (2)
  • Beasts: Armadillo Statant (New), Bear Passant, Boar’s Head Cabossed (2), Boar’s Tusk, Buffalo’s Horns, Bull Statant, Bull’s Head Cabossed, Bull’s Leg Couped (New), Guinea Pig Rampant, Horse Passant (2), Lion (2), Lion Passant, Opossum Statant Bearing Three Young (New), Otter Statant Erect (New), Stag Springing, Stoat Courant (New), Natural Tiger’s Head Cabossed, Tyger Rampant, Wolf Rampant, Wolf’s Teeth (4), Yale Rampant (3)
  • People: Armored Leg Couped (2), Gloved Arm Fesswise Couped (New), Triskelion of Legs Armored
  • Food: Covered Pitcher, Flesh Hook (New), Fork, Fork Terminating in a Spoon (New), Gridiron, Mash Rake
  • Clothes: Baronial Crown (2), Brogue, Glove, Hempbreak, Maunch, Needle, Needle Piercing (New), Pair of Scissors (2), Patten (3), Pressing Iron (New), Shoe, Tabard (New), Threaded Needle, Torse
  • Tools: Anvil (2), Jacob’s Staff, Ladder, Mallet, Rasp (New), Tinsmith’s Soldering Iron (New), Tinsmith’s Tongs (New), Trowel
  • Buildings: Andiron, Arch, Pair of Arches, Circular Baldaquin (2), Castle (2), Column (2), Door Bolt, Natural Fountain (2), Fountain Spout (New), Lock Plate, Portcullis Throughout, Egyptian Pyramid (New), Stepped Pyramid (New), Broken Tower (New)
  • Arts and Sciences: Artist’s Palette (New), Bagpipe, Musical Notes Beamed (New)
  • Farming: Carriage Frame, Dovecote, Pruning Knife
  • Ships & Fishing: Drakkar with Oars Shipped (2), Drakkar with Sail Furled (New), Oar
  • Military: Artillery Ladle (New), Artillery Sponge (New), Battle-Axe, Battle-Axe Head (New), Chaine Shot, Claymore (New), Crampet (4), Firework Arrow (New), Gun Flask (New), Linstock (New), Mail Shirt, Pauldron, Pole Axe, Shotel (New), Sling and Stone, Zulfikar (New)
  • Assorted Objects: Lantern

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