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Third Quarter Update

It’s been six months since my last roundup of changes to the Traceable Heraldic Art collection, during which time more than a hundred and eighty new illustrations have been added, bringing the total to well over six thousand.

As always, I am indebted to the generous contributors who choose to share their illustrations with the community through this collection. My thanks in particular to first-time contributors Gwenyvere Rose Foxe, Wylet Fraser, and Rhian Preston.

My appreciation also goes out to returning artists Malyss Makneile, Vémundr Syvursson, Volusia Zoe, Nest verch Gwilim, Iago ab Adam, Aurora Faw, and Ragna stórráða Úlfsdóttir — and to Joakim Spuller, from whose WappenWiki collection I pulled more than three dozen images in this round.

And of course I continue to draw material from period and modern documents, including Stände und Handwerker, the Guild & School of Handicraft’s Survey of London, the Zurich Roll, Recueil de Généalogies Anglaises, and the Austrian State Archives.

Additions since the last announcement are listed below, with parenthetical labels for new entries or multiple related illustrations.

  • Fields: Vair (2)
  • Divisions: Per Bend Nebuly, Per Bend Urdy, Per Fess Nebuly, Per Fess Urdy, Per Pale Embowed Counter-embowed (New), Per Pale Nebuly, Xicalcoliuhqui Chimalli (New), Barry Enarched (New), Barry of Three Tinctures (New), Bendy Engrailed (New), Bendy of Three Tinctures (New, 2), Gyronny of 6
  • Ordinaries: Base Engrailed, Base Rayonny (New), Bend, Bend Bretessed, Bend Cotised, Bend Fimbriated, Bend Fimbriated Engrailed (New), Bendlets, 2, Bendlets, 4, Three Bendlets Cotised, Two Bendlets Fimbriated Engrailed (New), Chevron Counter-compony, Chief Nebuly, Chief Raguly (New), Chief Urdy, Chief and a Saltire (New), Cross Raguly, Fess Dancetty, Tierce Nebuly
  • Shapes & Symbols: Cross Moline, Heart, Label
  • The World & Heavens: Cloud, Object Enflamed (2), Rainbow, Rock Face
  • Plants: Cherries (2), Fig Leaf, Fleur de Lys, Gillyflower (2), Bottle Gourd (2), Lavender (New), Linden Tree, Palm Tree, Chaplet of Roses, Ragged Staff (2), Thistle, Tree (2), Tulip Blossom (New), Walnut (New)
  • Fishes: Dolphin Haurient, Eel Haurient (New), Fish (2), Horseshoe Crab (New), Monkfish (New), Polypus (2), Salmon Haurient (New), Sea-Boar Naiant, Sea-Horse, Sea-Horse Naiant
  • Reptiles: Bend Engouled by Dragons, Legless Dragon (New 2), Natural Salamander, Serpent Glissant, Wyvern Passant (New)
  • Birds: Bird’s Jambe Erased, Cock’s Head Erased, Crane, Duck Rousant (New), Eagle, Eagle Rising, Eagle’s Head Couped, Eagle’s Head Erased, Feather, Ostrich Feather (New), Peacock Sword Feather (New), Pelican In Its Piety (2), Raven Rising, Swan Close, Wing, Wing Conjoined to a Hand (New)
  • Beasts: Ass’s Head Cabossed, Beaver Passant, Bull Passant, Domestic Cat Rampant, Domestic Cat Sejant Guardant, Domestic Cat’s Head Cabossed, Doe Statant, Elephant, Elephant Passant, Fox Rampant, Fox Rampant, Goat Clymant, Griffin, Guinea Pig Rampant (New), Guinea Pig Salient (New), Hippogriff (New), Hippopotamus Statant (New, 2), Horse Rampant (2), Natural Ibex (New), Jaguar Rampant (New), Leopard’s Face Jessant-de-Lys (New), Lion, Lion-Dragon Passant (New), Mouse Sejant Erect, Otter Courant, Otter Rampant Regardant (New), Winged Otter Courant Regardant (New), Rabbit Courant, Rabbit’s Head Cabossed, Sheep Passant, Squirrel Maintaining A Nut, Stoat Rampant, Unicorn Passant, Unicorn Passant Regardant (New)
  • People: Mermaid, Merman, Rib Bones, Satyr (New), Tooth (New, 2), Troll (New, 2), Werewolf Statant (New)
  • Food: Kettle (New), Knife
  • Clothes: Crown of Oak Leaves, Ice Skate (New), Pair of Scissors, Tassel, Hank of Yarn (New)
  • Tools: Punch (New), Whetstone (New)
  • Buildings: Castle (2), Castle of Three Towers (2), Castle Issuant from a Trimount (New, 2), Castle Enflamed (New), Column, Broken Column (New), Arched Door, Tower (3), Tower Triple-Towered
  • Arts and Sciences: Athanor With a Retort Atop, Bell, Clarion, Hobbyhorse (New, 2), Kettle Drum, Lancet (New), Retort
  • Farming: Dovecote, Gate, Millrind, Shovel, Winnowing Fan
  • Ships & Fishing: Rowboat
  • Military: Scimitar, Sword
  • Assorted Objects: Gemstone, Gonfalon, Scepter (New), Water-Bouget (2)

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