Traceable Art for Pennsic 49

Like Pennsic 49, this round of updates to the Book of Traceable Art has been somewhat delayed and is a bit smaller than usual; it has been six months since the last time I posted one of these announcements, and in that time I’ve only added a bit over a hundred new images. (My father passed away earlier this year and it’s taking me a while to get back into gear.)

As always, I am excited to welcome our first-time contributors: Choi Min (nice qilins!), Aurora Faw, Fred Siler, and especially Volusia Zoe, who filled a gap in the collection by supplying a handful of pantheons in various postures, as well as a pair of fearsome rats.

And I am thankful for the continuing support of returning artists Di Amador, Sadhbh Bheag, Séamus Uí Chonchobhair, and Drystan ap Ercwlff; this project would be a lot poorer without your ongoing efforts.

I particularly want to call out three tireless illustrators — Jessimond of Emerickeskepe, Iago ab Adam, and Vémundr Syvursson — who have now each drawn a hundred or more images for this collection, a mark of true dedication; I am in their debt.

In addition to the original art, additional images were sourced from period manuscripts, including the crucial Japanese catalog Kenmon Shokamon and old standbys like the Neustifter Wappenbuch, as well as some new-to-me Victorian-era texts such as The Trade Signs of Essex and The Book of Public Arms.

Additions since the last announcement are listed below, with parenthetical labels for new entries or multiple related illustrations.

  • Divisions: Per Pale and Per Fess with a Single Embattlement (new); Barry Embattled Counter-Embattled (new); Checky and Bendy (new)
  • Ordinaries: Base Embattled and Masoned (new); Bend Wavy Cotised (new); Three Bendlets Indented (new); Chief Nebuly (2); Fess Conjoined With a Canton (new); Pale Dancetty (new); Pile Inverted Fimbriated (new)
  • Shapes & Symbols: Cross Of Calatrava (2); Agemaki Knot (new); Label of 3 Points Throughout; Mullet of 6 Points Pometty (new, 2); Mullet of 8 Points; Roundel Pierced of a Delf (new); Schnecke Issuant from Dexter Base; Tortoise-Shell Plate (new, 4); Well Frame (2)
  • The World & Heavens: Crescent; Increscent Moon
  • Plants: Chrysanthemum of 12 Petals; Fleur de Lys (5); Gillyflower; Two Ginger Roots (new); Laurel Wreath; Sprig of Mistletoe (new); Nettle Leaf (new); Six Oak Leaves In Annulo (new); Pear; Two Ragged Staffs (2); Teazel’s Cob (new); Tree Eradicated Roots and Branches Nowed (new); Wood Sorrel Blossom (new)
  • Invertebrates: Butterfly
  • Fishes: Escallop (3); Fish’s Head Couped; Whale
  • Reptiles: Serpent Involved
  • Birds: Bat; Dove; Eagle Striking (new); Eagle Trussing an Infant (new); Feather
  • Beasts: Ass Passant; Beaver Statant; Boar Statan; Capybara Passant (new); Dog Statant; Horse Statant; Jerboa Salient (new); Monkey’s Face (new); Ounce Statant Regardant (new); Pantheon Courant (new); Pantheon Couchant (new); Pantheon Rampant (new); Pantheon Salient (new); Pantheon Statant (new); Qilin Couchant Regardant (new); Qilin Passant (new); Rat Rampant; Rat Tergiant (new); Unicorn
  • People: Arm Fesswise Couped Maintaining A Scarf; Siren Passant Wings Displayed (new)
  • Food: Costrel; Spouted Pot
  • Clothes: Crown Flory; Saxon Crown; Hand-Brush
  • Tools: Tenterhook (2)
  • Buildings: Bridge Throughout of Four Arches Issuant from a Ford (new); Double-Arched Window (new)
  • Arts and Sciences: Kettle Drum (new); Handbell (new); Ombrellino; Umbrella (new, 4)
  • Ships & Fishing: Mariner’s Whistle; Rudder Pole (new)
  • Military: Arrow; Arrow Fletching (new, 3); Cronel; Sword
  • Assorted Objects: Folding Fan (4); Furison; Gonfalon
  • Diapering: Vine Diapering
  • Achievement Elements: Rocky Compartment; Grassy Compartment; Clerical Hat and Tassels

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