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New Clip Art Files Posted Without Gray Fills

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback in response to my questions about black-and-white and transparent images for the Traceable clip art library.

I’ve kept the original grayscale files, as some people find them useful, but I’ve now also added a bunch of new file formats, including “outline” files which have only black and transparent pixels, and “B&W” files which have only black, white, and transparent pixels. I hope that these help with the “light gray fill” issue as well as the jagged edges I’ve noticed showing up in raster art due to anti-aliasing and flood fill tolerance settings. Continue reading “New Clip Art Files Posted Without Gray Fills”

Stodart’s Survey of Scottish Arms

Tanczos Istvan drew my attention to a book of arms I hadn’t previously encountered, “Scottish Arms: Being a Collection of Armorial Bearings, A.D. 1370-1678, Reproduced in Facsimile from Contemporary Manuscripts, With Heraldic and Genealogical Notes” published by Robert Riddle Stodart in  1881.

It contains a selection of Scottish armory excerpted from over a dozen different period sources, organized into two volumes; the first contains plates reproduced from period sources, while the second contains heraldic and biographical data about each of the individuals whose arms are shown. Continue reading “Stodart’s Survey of Scottish Arms”

Armory Submissions from Virtual Heralds Point

During the month of February, the College of Arms organized a online Virtual Heralds Point during which people could sign up for consultation with heralds who would guide them through the submission process for names and armory.

Below is a collage of armory I worked on as part of this event. (The rowan berries in the bottom left are a badge I did for myself during VHP but submitted directly.) Continue reading “Armory Submissions from Virtual Heralds Point”