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Stodart’s Survey of Scottish Arms

Tanczos Istvan drew my attention to a book of arms I hadn’t previously encountered, “Scottish Arms: Being a Collection of Armorial Bearings, A.D. 1370-1678, Reproduced in Facsimile from Contemporary Manuscripts, With Heraldic and Genealogical Notes” published by Robert Riddle Stodart in  1881.

It contains a selection of Scottish armory excerpted from over a dozen different period sources, organized into two volumes; the first contains plates reproduced from period sources, while the second contains heraldic and biographical data about each of the individuals whose arms are shown.

Both volumes are available as high-quality scans at Archive.org: Volume I and Volume II.

Immediately before the plates there appears an index by name and by plate number.

To facilitate browsing, here is a catalog of the works included, along with links to the plates and commentary for each.

I. Armorial de Gelre, c. A.D. 1369 — Plates; Notes

II. Armorial de Gilles le Bouvier, Berry Roi d’Armes A.D. 1450-55 — Plates; Notes

III. Roll of Arms, by Sir Robert Forman, Lyon King of Arms. c. A.D. 1562. — Plates; Notes

IV. Sunderland Hall Manuscript. — Plates; Notes

V. Additions to the Booke and Register of Armes, Compiled by Sir David Lindsay, Lyon King of Arms — Plates; Notes

VI. Illuminated Heraldic Manuscript, Called Workman’s, c. A.D. 1565-6. — Plates; Notes

VII. Kings’ and Nobility’s Arms, c. A.D. 1566. — Plates; Notes

VIII. Illuminated Manuscript, A.D. 1603-5, Ascribed To Sir David Lindsay, Lyon King of Arms — Plates; Notes

IX. Armorial Manuscripts by Sir James Balfour, Baronet, Lyon King at Arms 1630-54, And Another Herald. — Plates; Notes

X. The Public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland A.D. 1672-78. — Plates; Notes

XI. Heraldic Manuscript Compiled During the Reign of James VI. The Property of the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. — Plates; Notes

XII. Gentlemen’s Arms Collected During the Reign of Charles I — Plates; Notes

XIII. Funeral Escutcheons — Plates; Notes

XIV. Sundries — Plates; Notes

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