New Clip Art Files Posted Without Gray Fills

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback in response to my questions about black-and-white and transparent images for the Traceable clip art library.

I’ve kept the original grayscale files, as some people find them useful, but I’ve now also added a bunch of new file formats, including “outline” files which have only black and transparent pixels, and “B&W” files which have only black, white, and transparent pixels. I hope that these help with the “light gray fill” issue as well as the jagged edges I’ve noticed showing up in raster art due to anti-aliasing and flood fill tolerance settings.

If you run into problems with any of these, or have a suggestion for tweaks or an alternate version that would ease your workflow, please let me know!

(I already have outstanding requests for a transparent outline SVG format, and for bulk-download zip links for the new formats.)

The pages have been rearranged a bit to accommodate these additional links but the result still feels a bit busy; I hope to streamline that layout soon.

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