Achievements with Heraldic Tabards from “Irish Nobility E1”

The National Library of Ireland’s “Irish Nobility E1” manuscript was produced by and for the office of the Ulster King of Arms, the principal heraldic authority for all of Ireland under English rule, and records the armorial achievements of various barons and viscounts of Ireland.

The first section of the book seems to date from around 1585 or so, and contains a number of armorial achievements featuring a heraldic tabard as the central element rather than a shield.

This form of display is unusual enough that I thought it was worth posting these for easy reference. Reenactors seeking a less-martial form of armorial display might consider using these as inspiration.

Highlights include the rainbow panache of feathers in the crest of the baron of Trimletiston, the collared antelope supporters of the baron of Athenry, and the nine-fold quartering on the tabard of the baron of Slane.

Click any image for a high-resolution version.

Earl of Ormond
Viscount of Gormanston
Viscount of Fermoye
Viscount of Mongarret
Baron of Athenry
Baron of Slane
Baron of Kyllen
Baron of Trimletiston
Baron of Dounsaney
Baron of Upper Ossorye
Baron of Loueth
Baron of Corraghmore
Baron of Insecoine
Baron of Castle Connell


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