#HeraldicLove 2020

Did you know that people in the medieval and renaissance periods sometimes displayed their arms on a heart shape?

For the month of February, the SCA’s #HeraldicLove campaign encouraged people to display their device or populace badge on a heart-shaped field.

In support of this effort, I joined a number of other heraldic artists in creating these images for people both locally and across the Society.

This experience was a good reminder that the traditional shield shape is not the only way to display armory — indeed, in period we often find arms shown on banners, furniture, clothing, and a dozen other settings, and in nearly every case the layout is adjusted to fill the available space rather than being confined to a painted escutcheon.

To facilitate similar depictions in the future, I’ve added a number of heart-shaped field divisions and ordinaries to the Traceable Heraldic Art collection, in the usual suite of high-resolution PNG, vector SVG, and printable PDF formats.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s #HeraldicLove campaign!

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