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Traceable Art Winter Update

Over the last three months, I’ve added more than two hundred new items to the Traceable Heraldic Art collection, bringing the current total to just over three thousand distinct charges, divisions, treatments, and lines.

Some of the new illustrations were taken from period manuscripts such as the Wappenbuch der Arlberg-Bruderschaft, while others were drawn from modern sources such as the Viking Answer Lady SVG files and the creations of the Pennsic Heralds’ Point art tent team from last summer.

As discussed in the previous update, I’ve continued to separate the generic “Tools & Objects” volume into distinct sections; in this batch all of the items related to clothing, fiber and fabric work, fashion and beauty have been grouped together in a single volume.

As with previous updates, each item listed below includes a single design unless a number is provided in parentheses, and represents a new heading unless marked as an addition.

  • Field Divisions: Barry Wavy (1 additional), Chevronelly Wavy
  • Ordinaries: Bend Fusilly (1 additional), Bordure Checky (1 additional), Chevron Fusilly,  Chief Flory, Cross Fusilly, Cross Couped Fusilly, Fess Wavy (1 additional), Orle (1 additional), Orle on a Bordure, Orle Engrailed, Per Bend And A Chief, Saltire Fusilly, Saltorel Fusilly
  • Shapes & Symbols: Crampon (1 additional), Cross Formy Double-Pommeled at the Foot, Cross Glandular, Knot of Two Hearts Voided and Braced, Mullet (6 additional), Pall Bottony, Saltire Bottony
  • The World & Heavens: Comet (2 additional), Crescent (2 additional), Flame (5 additional), Goutte (2 additional), Mount of 3 Hillocks or Trimount Couped (1 additional), Sun In His Splendor (2 additional)
  • Plants: Bean, Cabbage, Linden Tree, Radish (1 additional), Ragged Staff (1 additional), Tree Blasted (1 additional), Tulip Slipped and Leaved (2 additional)
  • Invertebrates: Moth (2)
  • Fish: Barbel Embowed (2), Lucy Embowed, Sea-Boar Naiant, Sea-Horse Naiant, Natural Sea-Horse (1 additional), Walrus Naiant
  • Reptiles: Caldera Gringolada (3), Dragon Couchant Head Lowered, Dragon’s Head Couped (2 additional), Rod of Asclepius (2), Serpent Glissant (1 additional), Tortoise Passant
  • Birds: Bird Volant Wings Addorsed (1 additional),  Dove Volant Wings Addorsed (1 additional), Duck Displayed, Double-Headed Eagle (1 additional), Eagle’s Head Erased (1 additional), Feather (2 additional), Russian Firebird Rising, Martlet (1 additional), Panache, Phoenix (1 additional), Puffin, Raven Rising (1 additional), Swan Naiant Regardant
  • Beasts: Boar Courant, Boar’s Head (2 additional), Camel Couchant (1 additional),  Domestic Cat’s Head Couped (2), Doe Rampant (1 additional), Dog Sejant, Five Dogs Courant In Annulo, Fox (3 additional), Fox’s Mask (1 additional), Goat (2 additional), Goat’s Head (4 additional), Griffin (3 additional), Griffin’s Head (2 additional), Hedgehog (2 additional), Lion (1 additional), Monkey Sejant, Opossum Rampant, Otter (2 additional), Pawprint (1 additional), Rabbit (3 additional), Three Rabbits Courant Conjoined, Rhinoceros (2 additional), Sheep (2 additional), Shrew Rampant, Tyger (3 additional), Wolf (9 additional), Wolf’s Head (3 additional)
  • People: Cubit Arm with Fingers Extended, Arm Vested Fesswise, Foot Couped (1 additional), Leg Couped, Man’s Head Bearded Affronty
  • Farming and Food: Baker’s Peel (1 additional), Barrel (1 additional), Beehive (1 additional), Bottle, Double Cup, Hunting Horn (1 additional), Jack, Knife (1 additional), Pruning Knife (1 additional), Frying Pan, Prunted Beaker (1 additional), Saddle Pommel, Snaffle-Bit (4), Spoon (1 additional), Tankard (2 additional)
  • Clothing: Button, Bycocket, Pair of Eyeglasses, Hood (1 additional), Needle (2 additional), Double-Ended Knitting Needle, Niddy-Noddy, Pair of Shears (1 additional), Stick Shuttle
  • Military: Bird-Blunt, Crossbow Stock, Dagger (1 additional), Gauntlet (3 additional), Glaive (1 additional), Grenade (1 additional), Helm (2 additional), Pheon (1 additional), Portcullis (1 additional), Rapier (1 additional), Scimitar (1 additional), Sparth Axe, Spear (1 additional), Sword (3 additional), Tower (1 additional)
  • Objects and Tools: Arch (5 additional), Axe (2 additional), Bell (1 additional), Book (1 additional), Bridge (2 additional), Firebrand, Furison (2 additional), Gonfalon (1 additional), Harp (1 additional), Key (1 additional), Lamp, Lantern (1 additional), Lute, Orb (1 additional), Panpipe, Plane, Razor, Saw (1 additional), Sepulcher Stone, Ship’s Wheel (1 additional), Wheel Hub, Windmill

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