Family Per-Pale Badges

Earlier this year, Alienor and I submitted a pair of very simple field-only badges.

Per pale vert and Or… &  Per pale purpure and Or.

I believe these were the last uncharged, plain-line, no-fur, per-pale designs remaining open for registration.

(They obviously conflict with each other, having only one DC for change of tincture to half the field, but as part of our submission paperwork we each granted the other permission to conflict.)

I discovered their availability by writing a small computer program that queried all field-primary armory and produced a series of reports grouped by field division and tinctures, the results of which I presented a few months ago in “The Last Super-Simple Field-Only Armory.”

I couldn’t quite believe that they were registrable, and have been waiting on tenterhooks throughout the commentary process to see if someone flagged a conflict I had missed. They have not yet been formally accepted, but enough time has elapsed that I’m increasingly optimistic that they will pass.

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