Traceable Art at Pennsic XLVIII

This was the third year of service for the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art at Pennsic, and once again the collection got a workout in the art tent behind Heralds’ Point.

My thanks to Muirenn ingen Dunadaig for printing all of the pages that have been added over the last year (over five hundred) and getting them added to the binders, and to everyone who provided feedback to help improve the collection.

I’m especially looking forward to importing some of the new illustrations produced in the art tent — hopefully that will happen over the coming winter.

Below is a list of the new items added to the collection since April. As with previous updates, each includes a single illustration unless a number is provided in parentheses, and represents a new heading unless marked as an addition.

  • Field Divisions: Per Bend Nebuly (1 additional), Per Chevron Flory Counter-flory (2), Per Fess Indented Pometty, Per Fess Nebuly (1 additional), Per Pale Nebuly (1 additional)
  • Ordinaries: Chief Wavy (1 additional), Fess Dancetty (1 additional), Fess Flory, Pile Ployé (1 additional)
  • Shapes & Symbols: Crescent (1 additional), Cross Doubly Pommeled (1 additional), Cross Pomelly (1 additional), Heneage Knot (1 additional), Hungerford Knot, Latin Cross Pomelly, Ray of the Sun Issuant From Dexter Chief (1 additional), Rogacina Crossed and Fourchy, Rogacina Double Crossed, Rogacina Issuant From A Cauldron, Rogacina Issuant From A Demi-Annulet, Rogacina Issuant From A Moustache, Schneckes, Triskele (1 additional)
  • Plants: Acorn (1 additional), Cinquefoil (1 additional), Columbine Slipped and Leaved (1 additional), Mushroom (1 additional), Nesselblatt (2 additional), Oak Leaf (1 additional), Rowan Leaf (1 additional), Rowan Tree, Seeblatt (1 additional), Tiercefeuille, Tree Stump Eradicated, Tree Trunk Eradicated
  • Fish: Calamarie Embowed, Prawn, Prawn Naiant
  • Birds: Cormorant’s Head Erased, Crow (1 additional), Eagle (2 additional), Falcon Rising, Moorcock, Plume of Three Ostrich Feathers, Swan’s Head Couped
  • Beasts: Ass Head Couped, Elephant Head Couped, Lion’s Jambe Erased, Tyger Passant (1 additional)
  • People: Armed Demi-Man Drawing a Bow, Breast Distilling Gouttes (1 additional), Manticore Statant Collared and Chained
  • Objects: Annulet of Rope (1 additional), Arch with Open Doors, Beehive (1 additional), Broad Axe (1 additional), Castle (2 additional), Dagger (1 additional), Dolmen, Drawbridge, Dumbek Drum (1 additional), Empty Embroiderer’s Quill, Fire Beacon, Furison (1 additional), Gridiron, Jew’s Hat (1 additional), Jeweled Goblet, Ladder (1 additional), Needle (1 additional), Open Book (1 additional), Prunted Beaker, Rake Head, Saddle, Scimitar (1 additional), Sickle (1 additional), Spade (1 additional), Spiked Mace (1 additional), Square Weaver’s Tablet, Stool (1 additional), Three Sickles Interlaced, Torii (1 additional), Tower (1 additional), Turning Cratch (2), Two Mosaic Tablets Conjoined, Two-Man Cross-Cut Saw, Viol, Watchtower, Yoke (1 additional)

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