The Award of the Sea Star

An estoile of five rays argent.

The Award of the Sea Star is a token given to recognize service at an event in the Crown Province of Østgarđr.

According to The Annals of Østgarđr, it may be awarded by the Viceroy, Vicereine, or Provincial Seneschal.

It is described in the Provincial Bylaws as:

The Honor of the Sea Star: Bestowed by the Viceregency upon individuals who have, on a particular occasion, served the Province well and ‘made things happen.’

An individual may receive this award more than once; indeed, it is not uncommon for a single person to have more than a dozen Sea Stars.

Token Photo by Kate Regina.

The token takes the form of a small starfish charm.

The Sea Star was introduced by Ian and Katherine on June 2, 2001, at the Riding of the Marches in Northpass. The Annals of Ostgardr report that “the first recipient was Alastair of Clan Campbell (from Rusted Woodlands), the event’s Head Chef.”

The heraldic registrations for the order’s name and badge were approved in 2014.

Former Viceroy Alexandre Lerot d’Avigne wrote in the Lochac wiki, Cunnan, that

In the reign of Ian and Katherine, the Seastar was traditionally awarded at events for service at that event. However, sometimes “back Seastars” were given at subsequent events. Alexandre and Eularia opted to award Seastars in Viceregal Court at a subsequent event to raise the profile of the honor.

During the reign of Gui and Johanne, Sea Star awards were given out more frequently, often to everyone who worked at an event, and at a few small, special events, to everyone who attended. Suuder and Lada have continued this tradition, awarding them in person during the course of an event rather than in a formal court session.

Due to the generous and informal distribution of Sea Stars, no complete list of their recipients exists.

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