Court Report, Whyt Whey Schola In The Solar

On October 28, A.S. LII, whilst his Excellency Suuder Saran, Il-Kha’an of Østgarđr, did lie abed recovering from a contagion, his fair lady Il-Khatun Lada Monguligin did venture forth unto her canton of Whyt Whey to attend a schola of arts and sciences, and there did share some of her talent in illumination with the populace, and did observe other displays of knowledge and partake in the feast that was set before her.

At the conclusion of the day, her Excellency held court, opening with kind words for the event and all who had attended.

She then called for those newcomers attending their first, second, or third event in the province to appear before her, and did award them a gift of candles in the form of the badge of the province, and all present did cheer them as the future of our society.

Next she asked the day’s event steward to come forward, whom was Lady Godiva de la Mer, the canton’s Minister of Arts and Sciences. Said lady did express her pleasure with the success of the schola, and thanked those who had assisted her in holding the event and those who had taught the many classes that day.

There being no more business before her Excellency, she then closed her court, and did process forth from that place, accompanied by the singing of a traditional provincial refrain by the populace.

These are the events of the day as I recall them.

For the Province, I remain,

– Bóaire Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin
Whyt Whey Herald

Thanks to Stephanie for the court photograph.

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  1. Thank you, Herald, for your report on Her Excellency’s court at the Schola in the Solar. Would you recall the name of the traditional provincial tune used for the recessional?

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