All of the Field Only Armory

The publication of this year’s updates to the Field Only Armoury Project are as good reason as any to point people towards this fabulous resource.

Vémundr Syvursson of An Tir has illustrated all 270 field-only badges and devices in the SCA’s heraldic database — all of the armory that consists only of a divided or decorated field, often with various complex lines, treatments, and furs, but without any heraldic charges arranged on top.

The result is an inspiring survey of some super-simple designs (and some not-so-simple), many of which can be drawn with a straight-edge or rubber stamp, or which have various kinds of fun symmetries.

And if something catches your eye, you might be able to register something similar with different colors, thanks to the special conflict-checking rules for field-only armory (see SENA A5F2).

I suspect that the availability of this project has contributed to the ongoing rise in field-only registrations over the last few years, now at an average of about one a month, as illustrated below… why not jump on the bandwagon and help to ensure that Vémundr’s update next year is bigger than ever?

Field-only registrations by calendar year.
(Does not include released armory.)

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