Charting the East’s Crown Cycle

For those of us steeped in the culture of our local kingdom, the annual rhythm of coronations and crown tournaments is part of the familiar cycle of the year, but I remember being somewhat bewildered by it as a newcomer.

In hopes of making the procession of fixed dates slightly more accessible, I put together a simple chart showing how the calendar year aligns with the summer and winter reigns and the kingdom events that govern their passage here in the East.

East Kingdom Annual Crown Cycle, available in PNG and PDF formats.

It would be interesting to compare these cycles across kingdoms; for example, I believe the calendar is closely aligned in Atlantia (which separated from the East in 1981), runs a couple of weeks later in the Midrealm (founded in 1969), and is completely different in the West (founded in 1966).

[Update:] See the follow-up post, Kingdom Crown Calendar Comparison, for a visualization of these cycles across all twenty kingdoms.

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