A Phylogeny of the Laurel Kingdoms

The Known World of the SCA is divided into twenty kingdoms which have emerged over its fifty-eight year history, as shown in this family tree.

The SCA was born in the San Francisco Bay area in 1966. When transplants established a branch in New York City two years later they called it the East Kingdom, and the original group was retroactively named the West. The Middle Kingdom soon followed around Chicago, and Atenveldt in Arizona.

The first four kingdoms split up the territory of the US and Canada, and since then have further divided their regions to form a series of daughter kingdoms. A few established branches overseas, some of which became kingdoms of their own: the East’s lands in Europe became Drachenwald, while the West’s lands in Australia became Lochac, joined a year later by Caid’s holdings in New Zealand.

Kingdoms are shown as splitting off in the calendar year of their first coronation, although they often existed earlier as a principality. Where possible, they are ordered geographically, from west to east, while maintaining the groupings created by the initial four kingdoms, which are still reflected in shared culture.

Chart and text also available as a printable PDF and high-res PNG.

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