O&A Search for Unregistered OSCAR Submissions

Here’s a nifty trick for the folks who might be running their own O&A server — which is admittedly a very, very small audience.

The OSCAR software can generate a supplementary data file in the same format as oanda.db which contains the names and armory currently in-process on LoIs which have not yet made it to an LoAR.

You can append this file to the master data from Morsulus in order to run searches against both registered and potentially-someday-registered items, allowing for conflict checks against in-process submissions.

The armory descriptions are automatically generated by a simple search for category terms in the blazon, and lack most features, so they are definitely not completely reliable, but it’s still a nifty trick.

These extra lines will be recognizable in the search results because they are all dated 999912 and have a supplementary note identifying the LOI from which they were drawn.

There are a few more details available in Istvan’s writeup.

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