An Ancient Branch Name

When the Canton of Whyt Whey resolved to change its name to Appleholm last year, it simultaneously submitted a household name similar to its original name in order to memorialize this bit of its history. We went down this road because there was no option to preserve the old name as our “ancient name” the way we already had with “ancient arms.”

So I was surprised to hear this summer that our name change was pended to consider establishing support for ancient branch names. The change provoked a fair amount of discussion but in the end we decided to take the opportunity to preserve the old name.

Below is the letter I sent informing the Sovereign of our choice.

Date: October 24, 2023
From: Whyt Whey Pursuivant
To: Pelican Herald

To Elisabetta Pelicana — greetings from the East!

I write to you today regarding our new and old canton names, Appleholm and Whyt Whey.

In our quarterly business meeting yesterday, with a quorum of officers present, we reached a consensus that we would like to accept your generous offer to allow us to retain our old name as “Ancient” while adopting our new one.

Thank you for your service to the Society, and for your help with this sensitive matter.


— Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin 
— Pursuivant of the Canton of Whyt Whey, aka Appleholm-in-waiting

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