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A Techie’s Guide to the Ordinary & Armorial

I ran a session about the SCA’s O&A database at the Virtual Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium this January, and am now belatedly getting a copy of my presentation posted here.

This was the first time I’ve presented this material, and there were a few rough edges — my thanks to the folks who attended for their feedback, which allowed me to correct a few errors in the version attached here.

I tried to cover a lot of topics in just an hour, so this is limited to a high-level overview that omits a lot of details, but hopefully it provides a roadmap that will let interested folks get a sense of the big picture before diving into the details.

Click to view 60-slide presentation (3 MB PDF)


  • The “LoAR Workflow” diagram in this presentation does not reflect a correction that was pointed out during the discussion in January: When Silver Staple obtains the OSCAR output, after perhaps doing a bit of hand-editing to the XML files, those files are passed to Morsulus, who runs them through a decades-old tool built with JADE DSSSL that produces the HTML version, which Morsulus uploads to heraldry.sca.org.

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