Populace Badge of Northpass

Back in 2018 I provided some support for the Canton of Northpass’s efforts to design and register a populace badge, but due to some other drama I somehow never got around to posting about it.

With the news that the Canton of Northpass will soon be reinstated, I thought it was fitting to dust off those emblazons and make them accessible again.

The brainstorming effort for this project started with the branch arms, with their eye-catching “lines and tygers and vair, oh my” design.

While these arms are distinctive, canton residents were clear that they wanted something simpler for their populace badge — while still retaining the tyger, the diagonal stripes, and the blue/white/gold color scheme.

After working through more than a dozen possible designs, the canton populace settled on “azure, two bendlets argent and overall a tyger passant contourney Or.”

It also looks great on a round field.

I look forward to seeing these golden tygers at events during the coming year!

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