A Winter’s Worth of Traceable Art

The seasons are starting to turn here and I figured that was as good reason as any to review the changes that’ve been made to the Traceable Heraldic Art collection over the last three months, including over two hundred and sixty new entries.

Eighty of those new images are drawn from Joakim Spuller’s WappenWiki collection, for which he has my continuing thanks. My appreciation also goes out to returning artists Volusia Zoe, Aurora Faw, and Lily Morgaine, as well as first-time contributor Tancorix inigena Bivaidonas — welcome to the team!

Other images in this update were drawn from period manuscripts, including for the first time Jean Faucket’s Commonplace Book of Heraldry, Des Kaiserlichen Kammergerichts zu Speier Kammerrichter, Wapenboek van Gent, and Queens College MS 72. My thanks to Iago ab Adam for continuing to bring new sources such as these to the attention of our community.

Additions since the last announcement are listed below, with parenthetical labels for new entries or multiple related illustrations.

  • Fields: Kürsch (2); Masculy; Vair Counter-vair
  • Divisions: Chapé; Chapé Ployé; Checky of 4; Gyronny of 14; Lozengy; Masculy (3); Paly Bendy; Paly Bendy Sinister; Per Bend Raguly; Per Chevron Throughout; Per Chevron Throughout Ployé (new); Per Fess Embattled; Per Fess Embattled Ghibelline (new); Per Pale Per Bend and Per Bend (new)
  • Ordinaries: Bars Dancetty; Bars Enarched (new, 2); Bars Gemel; Base and Pale Conjoined (new); Bend; Bend Compony; Bend Dancetty; Bend Embattled; Bend Fusilly; Bendlets; Bendlets Cotised (new, 2); Bendlets Fimbriated (2); Bend Masculy (new); Bordure Compony (2); Chevronels, Chevronels Gemel (new, 2); Chapé Ployé And A Chief (new); Cross Engrailed; Cross Formy Throughout (new, 2); Cross Raguly; Cross Interlaced with an Annulet (new); Fess Counter-compony; Fess Doubly Cotised (new); Fess Raguly (2); Pall; Pall Voided (new); Piles Inverted Palewise; Saltire Compony; Saltire Engrailed
  • Shapes & Symbols: Cross Couped and Pierced (new); Cross Crosslet (2); Cross Énchancré (new, 2); Cross Formy; Cross Formy Fitchy at All Ends (new); Cross Formy Voided (new); Cross Of Santiago; Cross Swallowtailed; Cross Swallowtailed Voided (new); Cross of Four Lozenges; Ermine Spot (2); Heart Voided (new); Mandorla (new); Masculyn; Octagon Voided (new); Patriarchal Cross; Saltorel Engrailed (new); Tau Cross; Three Vires; Triangle Inverted Voided Bottony (new)
  • The World & Heavens: Demi-Sun Issuant from Dexter Chief (new); Rock Face; Rock Issuant from Base (new)
  • Plants: Acorns Issuant from a Trimount (new); Angemme (new, 2); Ash Keys; Chaplet of Roses; Cinquefoil (2); Firewood (new); Fleur de Lys Fracted Palewise (new); Garb of Wheat; Ginkgo Leaves Conjoined in Pall (new); Hurst of Trees Couped; Linden Leaf Issuant from a Ragged Staff (new); Linden Tree Eradicated; Maple Leaf; Nopal Cactus (new); Oak Leaf; Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated; Per Chevron Two Linden Leaves Issuant from the Line (new); Pine Tree; Quatrefoil Slipped (new); Sprig; Sprig of Maple Leaves (new); Stemless Trefoil (new); Trillium
  • Fishes: Chabot; Eel; Fish Skeleton Haurient (new); Nautilus (new, 2)
  • Reptiles: Basilisk; Caldera Gringolada; Crocodile Statant; Dragon; Frog; Serpent Erect
  • Birds: Bird’s Jambe Conjoined to a Wing (new, 2); Crane with Wings Addorsed (2); Eagle; Wing (2)
  • Beasts: Badger Passant (new); Bear Statant Erect (2); Bear’s Head Couped; Beaver Statant; Bison Statant (new); Boreyne Passant (new); Bull Statant Head Lowered (new); Bull’s Horn (new); Caretyne Passant (new); Chatloup Rampant (new); Dog Courant (2); Fox Rampant; Lion; Lion Collared and Chained (new); Lion Passant Guardant (2); Lion with Paw Upturned (new); Lion’s Head Erased (2); Ram Couchant (new); Stag’s Attire (3); Stag’s Head Cabossed; Stag’s Head Erased Affronty; Stag’s Massacre; Wolf Passant; Wolf Passant Ravishing a Lamb (new); Wolf Rampant; Wolf Sejant Affronty (new); Wolf’s Head Cabossed; Wolf’s Head Erased Affronty
  • People: Harpy Displayed (new); Manticore Rampant (new)
  • Food: Amphora; Bread Basket (new); Cheese Grater (new, 2); Covered Cup; Drinking Horn; Footed Pot; Gridiron; Knife; Pie (new); Pretzel (new)
  • Clothes: Buckle (2); Comb; Glove; Imperial Crown; Jester’s Cap; Jew’s Hat; Maunch (2); Mitre; Scarf Tied in Annulo; Slovene Hat (new); Sugar-loaf Hat (new)
  • Tools: Anvil; Axe; Carpenter’s Square; Ladder; Punner; Staple
  • Buildings: Castle (2); Fireplace (new); Park Pales; Pavilion; Tower (2); Tower Battlements (new); Writing Table (new)
  • Arts and Sciences: Backgammon Board; Crozier; Harp; Mouth Harp (new); Pair of Stilts (2)
  • Farming: Barnacles (2); Collar and Chain (new); Covered Wagon (new); Fer-a-loup; Harrow; Hay House; Pruning Knife; Rake Head; Scythe; Scythe Blade; Turning Cratch; Wagon; Winnowing Basket; Yoke
  • Ships & Fishing: Anchor; Drakkar; Hulk (new); Lymphad with Oars Shipped (2); Rowboat; Trident
  • Military: Arrow; Bow; Breastplate; Caltrop; Cannon Barrel (new); Catapult (new, 2); Fauchard (new, 2); Gauntlet Aversed; Lance; Mortar (new); Pistol (new); Spearhead; War-Scythe (new, 2)
  • Assorted Objects: Candlestick; Money Box (new, 2); Orle Of Chain; Pair of Felloes; Rimless Wheel; Wheel (2)
  • Achievement Elements: Banner and Lance; Grassy Compartment (2)
  • Escutcheon Outlines: Embowed Heater; English Scrollwork (new); Heart Field; Kite Outline; Nguni Shield (new)
  • Diapering: Dot and Cross Diapering (new, 2)

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