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Traceable Art at Summer’s End

During the last three months, over 225 new entries have been added to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art, bringing the total to 4,800 images plus appendices.

Some of these illustrations were provided by first-time contributors Drystan ap Ercwlff, Elizabeth Riverwood, Groza Novgorodskaia, Kolosvari Arpadne Julia, Ragna stórráða Úlfsdóttir, and Sadhbh Bheag — thank you all, and welcome to the team.

Likewise, my continuing appreciation goes out to returning artists Saewynn aet Cnolle, Jessimond of Emerickeskepe, Iago ab Adam, Vémundr Syvursson, Forveleth Dunde, Owen Tegg, Thora Brandsdottir, Aine ingen Gilla Crist, and Estelle de la Mer.

We continue to explore additional period sources; new documents in this update are BnF MS Allemand 304, English Arms A, The Chronicle of the Council of Constance, and the Powell Roll, joining art from familiar works like the Wappenbuch der Arlberg-Bruderschaft, Stemmario Trivulziano, Sammelband Mehrerer Wappenbücher, and the Nobiliario de Armas de Valencia, Aragón y Cataluña.

Recent additions are listed below, with labels for new entries or multiple related illustrations.

  • Fields: Vair
  • Divisions: Per Bend Embattled, Barry and Per Pale (new), Lozengy Bendwise (2, new), Paly and Per Fess (new)
  • Ordinaries: Bars Embattled Counter-Embattled (new), Bend Compony, Bend Cotised Dancetty (new), Bend Fusilly, Bendlets Gemel, Chevronels, Chevronels Braced, Chevronels Engrailed (2, new), Chief Dovetailed (new), Chief Indented, Chief and Flaunches (new), Cross Counter-compony (2), Cross Couped, Cross Engrailed (new), Cross Fimbriated (new), Cross Gyronny (new), Fess Fimbriated (new), Pale Embattled, Pale Embowed (new), Pile Indented, Piles, Tierce Indented (new)
  • Shapes & Symbols: Annulet Compony (new), Cross Bottony Fitchy, Canterbury Cross (new), Cross Formy, Wooden Latin Cross Couped, Heart (2), Icosahedron (new), Mullet Voided and Interlaced, Mullet of 6 Points, Mullet of 8 Points, Mullet of 20 Points (new), Saltire Flory (new), Saltire Moline (new)
  • The World & Heavens: Comet, Crescent (5), Gurges, Mount of Five Hillocks Couped, Mountain, Block of Stone (new), Sun In His Splendor
  • Plants: Acorn, Almond, Apple, Apple Sprig (new), Cattail (2, new), Cinquefoil, Citron Slipped (new), Demi-Fleur de Lys, Linden Leaf (2), Linden Tree Eradicated, Lotus Flower In Profile, Olive, Rose, Rose Sprigs Issuant from a Grassy Base, Ragged Staff (3), Tree
  • Invertebrates: Bee, Scorpion
  • Fishes: Fish, Fish Skeleton (new), Sea-Tortoise
  • Reptiles: Dragon’s Head Couped Breathing Fire (new), Serpent Erect, Serpent Glissant, Serpents In Annulo Fretted (new)
  • Birds: Dove Migrant to Base (new), Eagle (2), Eagle’s Leg Erased, Egg, Panache of Peacock Feathers, Peacock, Peacock In His Pride, Wing
  • Beasts: Bear Couchant, Bear Rampant (2), Bear Statant, Boar Passant, Bull’s Massacre, Domestic Cat Rampant, Domestic Cat Sejant (2), Domestic Cat Sejant Regardant (2, new), Domestic Cat Rampant Winged, Dog Statant, Elephant Rampant, Elephant’s Head Cabossed (new), Goat’s Head Couped, Hedgehog Regardant (new), Horse Statant (new), Ibex’s Horn, Leopard Statant (new), Leopard Statant Regardant (new), Lion, Lion Passant Reguardant (new), Lion Sejant Guardant (new), Lion’s Jambe Erased, Ounce Sejant (new), Sow Passant (new), Sow Statant (new), Stag’s Attire (3), Unicorn Sejant (new)
  • People: Ass with a Woman’s Head Rampant (new), Hand with Middle Finger Extended (new), Leg Couped, Demi-Man Vested (new), Nude Man (new), Man’s Head Couped at the Shoulders Wearing a Hat (2), Toungue Erased (new), Woman, Woman Issuant from Base, Nude Woman (new), Wound
  • Food: Cauldron, Chalice, Cup, Covered Cup (3), Fleshpot, Drinking Horns Fretted (new), Domed Oven, Sausage (new), Spoons Hanging from a Rail (new), Weinleiter (2)
  • Clothes: Bag or Pouch, Belt (3), Buckle (5), Eyeglasses, Hat, Hempbreak (2, new), Drop Spindle, Torse
  • Tools: Auger (new), Ladder, Closing Nail, Punner (2), Staple
  • Buildings: Boardwalk (2, new), Castle (3), Column, Park Pales, Tower (5), Windmill
  • Arts and Sciences: Lute (2), Artist’s Paintbrush, Quadrant (new), Rackett (new), Pair of Stilts (new), Trumpet, Whirligig (5, new), Winnowing Fan
  • Farming and Hunting: Hunting Horn, Millrind, Scythe
  • Ships & Fishing: Anchor, Gondola (new), Grappling Iron (3), Rowboat
  • Military: Bird-Blunt (2), Spanning Iron (new), Spearhead, Sword (4)
  • Assorted Objects: Key (3), Lantern, Pennon, Rolling Baby Walker (new), Wheel, Wheels Conjoined by an Axle (2)
  • Achievement Elements: Grassy Compartment

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