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Traceable Additions for May

Another two hundred and forty illustrations have been added to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art during the last six weeks.

I’m not much of artist, relying on others to share their illustrations, so I’m very pleased to welcome Alessandra Sartor as a new contributor, and give thanks to the continuing efforts of Iago ab Adam, Jessimond of Emerickeskepe, Saewynn aet Cnolle, Forveleth Dunde, Elionora inghean Ui Cheallaigh, Malys mac Néill, Zubeydah al-Badawiyyah, and Estelle de la Mer.

Other images are drawn from period sources; appearing for the first time in this update are elements from Codice Trivulziano 2168, Armorial Français et Plus Particulièrement Poitevin, and Armas de los Cavalleros de Veneçia, alongside images from previously-mined sources including Jérôme de Bara’s Le Blason Des Armoiries and the various manuscripts of the Arlberg Brotherhood of St. Christopher.

Recent additions are listed below, with labels for new entries or multiple related illustrations.

  • Fields: Papellony (2); Vair; Fretty Nailed (new)
  • Divisions: Per Bend Indented (new); Per Chevron Enarched (new); Per Fess Bevilled (new); Per Saltire Arrondi; Barry Dancetty; Barry Embattled Grady (2); Barry Wavy; Paly Angled (new); Paly Wavy; Bendy and Per Fess (new); Bendy and Per Pale (new)
  • Ordinaries: Bars Dancetty (new); Bars Embowed to Base (new); Bend Raguly; Bendlets Enhanced; Chevron Counter-compony (new); Chevronels Couched from the Flanks (new); Cross Quarter-Pierced of Another Tincture (new); Fess Fracted; Pale Angled (new); Pale Indented; Pale Raguly; Pile Issuant from A Per Bend Line (new); Saltire Engrailed; Saltire Raguly; Tierce Wavy (new)
  • Shapes & Symbols: Cross Bottony (2); Cross Bottony Fitchy (new); Cross Crosslet; Cross Crosslet Fitchy; Cross Fitchy (new); Cross Flanchy (new); Cross Formy Fitchy At The Foot (new); Maltese Cross; Cross Of Toulouse; Cross Pointed; Cross Pointed Voided (new); Cross Pointed Voided Pometty (new); Cross Pomelly (2); Cross Potent; Tau Cross Fitchy at the Foot (new); Two Delfs Voided and Fretted (new); Ermine Spot; Cross Of Four Ermine Spots; Escarbuncle; Fret Couped; Cross of Four Hearts Conjoined at the Points (new); Solomon’s Knot; Lauburu (new); Lozenge; Mullet of 8 Points; Mullet of 8 Points Voided (new); Mullet of 8 Points Throughout (new); Mullet of 16 Points (new); Mullet Voided and Interlaced Within an Annulet (new); Vair Bell
  • The World & Heavens: Cloud; Thunder-Cloud (new); Crescent; Goutte; Gouttes; Object Irradiated (new); Mount Couped; Mount of Ten Hillocks Couped; Sun (2); Sun In His Splendor; Trimount; Trimount Couped
  • Plants: Borage Flower (new); Cinquefoil (2); Dandelion Slipped and Leaved (new); Fleur de Lys; Lily; Mallow Plant (new); Morel Mushroom (new); Pear Tree (new); Pomegranate Slipped and Leaved; Poppy Flower In Profile (new); Quince; Quince Slipped and Leaved; Rowan Berries; Sunflower Slipped and Leaved; Hurst of Trees Issuant from a Mount (new); Trefoil
  • Invertebrates: Bee; Butterfly (3); Dragonfly; Scorpion
  • Fishes: Dolphin Haurient; Fish; Sea-Dragon; Shark (new, 2); Shrimp Naiant (new); Trout (new); Turbot (new); Whale; Zydrach
  • Reptiles: Crocodile Statant; Frog Rampant (new); Hydra Passant (2); Salamander Couchant Regardant (new); Salamander Regardant; Salamander Tergiant Regardant (new); Serpent Erect Tail Coiled (new); Serpent’s Head Erased (new)
  • Birds: Bird’s Jambe Conjoined to a Wing Involved; Cock; Dove; Eagle; Double-Headed Eagle; Eagle’s Head Erased; Merlette (new); Peacock One Leg Raised (new)
  • Beasts: Bull Sejant (new); Bull’s Head Couped at the Shoulders Regardant (new); Doe Statant (new); Dog Passant; Elephant; Elephant’s Head Couped; Elephant’s Head Couped and Collared (new); Elk Rampant; Griffin; Ram Clymant (new); Stag Lodged Regardant (new); Stag’s Attire; Natural Tiger Rampant; Natural Tiger’s Head Cabossed; Wolf’s Head Erased; Wolverine Rampant (new); Wolverine Statant (new); Ziz Passant (new)
  • People: Arm Fesswise Couped Maintaining A Scarf (new); Centaur Passant; Crucifix (new); Man Seated Upon a Throne (new); Merman or Triton; Moor’s Head Couped Maintaining a Crown (new); Savage Maintaining a Club (new)
  • Food: Bowl; Churning Staff (new, 2); Wooden Costrel (new); Covered Cup (new); Flask; Kettle Hook (new); Trammel Hook (new, 2); Platter (new)
  • Clothes: Bag or Pouch; Hair Comb; Eastern Crown; Gemmed Ring; Three Gemmed Rings Interlaced (new); Scarf Tied in Annulo; Shoe
  • Tools: Double-Bladed Adze (new); Cobbler’s Awl (new); Bellows (2); Board Palewise (new); Hammer (2); Ladder; Punner
  • Buildings: Castle; Castle Throughout (new); House; Lighthouse (2); Tower; Window; Arched Window (new)
  • Arts and Sciences: Bell; Baroque Folded Trumpet
  • Farming and Hunting: Coulter; Flail; Fork Hoe (new); Fork Hoe Head (new); Hound Couple Palewise (new); Millrind; Rake Head (2); Sickle
  • Ships & Fishing: Lymphad with Sails Set and Oars Shipped; Sail Fastened to Mast and Hanging from Yardarm
  • Military: Bracer (new); Crossbow; War Hammer; Ocular Helm Affronty (new); Spiked Mace; Scourge; Kite Shield (new); Round Shield (new); Spear
  • Assorted Objects: Axle Pin (new); Banner; Saltire Of Chain; Indented Gemstone; Gonfalon (2); Hanging Lamp (new); Pilgrim’s Staff; Water-Bouget; Wheel (2); Wheel Irradiated (new); Rimless Wheel (new, 2)
  • Achievement Elements: Compartment; Earthen Compartment (new); Medalion and Ribbon (new); Medalion Ribbon (new); Scrap of Parchment (new); Motto Scroll (5); Herald’s Staff (new)
  • Display Worksheets: Italian Tilting Shield (new); Polish Renaissance Shield (new); Banner and Lance; Quarter-Circle Banner (new, 2); Tudor Standards (new); English 16th C. Procession (new)

2 thoughts on “Traceable Additions for May”

  1. Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Japanese.
    This website is very great. Thank you.
    I always visit this great website.

    I found spelling mistake in Shapes & Symbols
    Mitsutomoe is spelling mistake. Mitsudomoe is right.

    巴 is tomoe. 三つ巴 is mitsudomoe .
    三つ巴(mitsudomoe) is three tomoe(巴).

    By the way ,( Three Lozenges Conjoined in Pale) is called 三階菱(sangaibishi) in Japanese
    三階 means three floors and 菱 means Lozenge

    Also Japanese Nailpuller is called 釘抜き(kuginuki) in Japanese.

    (Four Japanese Nailpullers Two and Two) is called 四つ目(yotsume) in Japanese.
    yotsume means four eyes.

    I’m not good at English. Sorry.

    1. Hello, and thank you so much for your feedback!

      I’m glad to learn the Japanese names for these symbols. I need to keep items listed under the names they’re called in our system of heraldry to make them easy for English-speakers to find, but I’ll add the Japanese terms and alternate spellings to the pages to ensure they’re also discoverable that way and to help people learn their proper names.

      I’d love to improve and expand the representation of Japanese symbols in this collection — another item on my long-term to-do list!

      Thanks again for providing this information,

      — Mathghamhain

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