April Additions to the Traceable Art

Over the last six weeks, another 230 new illustrations have been added to the Traceable Heraldic Art collection.

This steady pace is made possible by the contributors who send in art to share with the community, and so I would like to welcome the newest illustrators to join the project, Forveleth Dunde and Séamus Uí Chonchobhair.

For their ongoing efforts, my thanks also go to returning artists Saewynn aet Cnolle, Owen Tegg, Jessimond of Emerickeskepe, Iago ab Adam, Gunnvôr silfrahárr, Elionora inghean Ui Cheallaigh, and Vémundr Syvursson.

In addition, I’m continuing to draw on recently-digitized period sources like Stemmario Trivulziano and Neustifter Wappenbuch, as well as secondary texts such as Two Tudor Books of Arms, and the extensive vector-graphics collections of Gunnvôr silfrahárr (so many ermine spots!) and Nicholas de Estleche.

Recent additions are listed below, with labels for new entries or multiple related illustrations.

  • Complex Lines: Nebuly Line
  • Fields: Papellony; Fretty Parted
  • Divisions: Per Bend Nebuly; Per Chevron Nebuly; Per Fess Nebuly; Per Pale Flory Counter-Flory (2); Per Pale Nebuly; Barry Trefly (new); Barry Wavy (2); Lozengy; Orly
  • Ordinaries: Base Embattled (new); Bend Fimbriated; Bendlets Voided; Chevron (2); Chevron Cotised; Chevron Inverted (2); Chevron Inverted Cotised; Chevron Inverted Fimbriated (new); Chief Surmounted by a Fillet Counterchanged; Gores (2); Gussets; Saltorel (4); Saltorel Raguly; Tierce Potenty (new); Tierce Rayonny (new)
  • Shapes & Symbols: Compass Star; Cross Crosslet; Cross Crosslet Fitchy (3); Cross Formy (2); Maltese Cross; Cross Moline; Delf; Delf Ployé (new, 2); Ermine Spot (27); Three Lozenges Conjoined in Pale (new)
  • The World & Heavens: Cloud (2); Crescents Conjoined; Estoile Pierced (new); Mount of Five Hillocks (2); Mount of Six Hillocks Couped; Mount of Ten Hillocks Couped (new); Rainbow Throughout (new, 4); Rock Face (new); Sun In His Splendor; Trimount
  • Plants: Cinquefoil; Columbine (3); Créquier; Daffodil (2); Flax Blossom (new, 2); Fleur de Lys; Holly Leaves In Pall; Mushroom; Pomegranate Tree; Quince (new, 2); Seeblatt; Tulip Slipped and Leaved
  • Fishes: Chabot; Escallop; Zydrach (new)
  • Reptiles: Serpent Erect; Serpent Glissant Palewise Vorant of a Human Figure; Serpent Nowed
  • Birds: Bat; Bird’s Jambe Conjoined to a Wing Involved (new); Cock; Duck’s Head Erased (new); Hawk; Ostrich; Raven; Swan; Wings Conjoined In Lure
  • Beasts: Bison Passant Guardant; Bison’s Head Cabossed; Boar’s Tusk (new); Domestic Cat Passant; Domestic Cat Sejant Erect Maintaining a Rat (new); Doe Trippant Regardant (new); Dog Passant (2); Dog Rampant (2); Lion Queue Forchy; Lion Sejant Affronty (new, 2); Lynx Statant Coward (new); Otter Rampant; Rabbit Salient; Rabbits Courant In Annulo (new); Winged Sow Rampant (new); Squirrel
  • People: Arm Couped Maintaining a Dagger (new, 2); Arm Embowed Maintaining a Scimitar (new); Pair of Arms Vested (new, 2); Breast Distilling Gouttes; Eye; Gorgon’s Head Cabossed (2); Gorgon’s Head Couped; Harpy Rising (new, 2); Triskelion of Armored Legs; Man’s Head Couped Maintaining a Hat; Wound (new, 2)
  • Food: Bowl (new, 2); Knife; Mortar and Pestle; Tankard
  • Clothes: Crown Flory; Crown of Grass (new); Crown of Leaves (new); Crown of Mullets (new); Crown of Myrtle (new); Naval Crown (new); Crown of Oak Leaves (new); Crown of Three Points (new); Triumphal Crown (new); Mitre (new); Mitten (2); Threaded Needle; Tunic (new)
  • Tools: Drill; Ladder; Passion Nail; Pick (3); Block Plane; Japanese Weight (new)
  • Buildings: Altar; Bathtub; Bridge of Three Arches (4); Cresset; Keystone; Tower; Tower Triple-Towered; Windmill Sail (new)
  • Arts and Sciences: Apothecary’s Spatula (new); Astrolabe; Hanging Balance; G Clef; Die (4); Lyre
  • Farming and Hunting: Beehive; Hayfork (2); Stirrup; Wagon
  • Ships & Fishing: Anchor; Sail Hanging from its Yardarm
  • Military: Dagger; Daggers Conjoined In Pall (new); Close Helm; Great Helm Affronty; Winged Great Helm (new, 2); Rapier; Archery Target (2); Tilting Spear Flying a Penant (new); War Wagon (new)
  • Assorted Objects: Besom; Candle Enflamed; Key; Lantern; Pilgrim’s Staff
  • Achievement Elements: Medallion (new); Ring and Braid (new); Motto Scroll
  • Display Worksheets: Spanish Renaissance Shield (new); Surcoat (new); Guidon (new)


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