Traceable Art for February

It’s been a busy couple of months, with well over two hundred items added to the Traceable Heraldic Art collection since December, bringing the total to more than four thousand items grouped into more than a thousand headings.

A big driver of the recent activity has been the College’s Virtual Heralds Point, which for the first time used online tools to coordination heraldic consultations, art assignments, form preparation, and electronic payment. In addition to processing submissions for hundreds of people, this event also facilitated connections between heralds and artists from all across the known world who might not have ever met in person.

Thanks to the new connections emerging from that event, I’m very pleased to welcome a bunch of new contributors whose art is appearing in this collection for the first time, including Saewynn aet Cnolle, Owen Tegg, Aine ingen Gilla Crist, Kattera Doplerin, Malys mac Néill, Amy Eliot, and ffride wlffsdotter.

I also appreciate the ongoing work of returning contributors Jessimond of Emerickeskepe, Elionora inghean Ui Cheallaigh, Vémundr Syvursson, and Iago ab Adam. Thanks also to Gunnvôr silfrahárr for the Viking Answer Lady collection of SVGs; as part of this batch I finished importing the remaining plants from her site.

Iago’s efforts to review historical sources turned up period examples of the field treatment mailly and the divisions orly and barry fleury, which Vémundr and I illustrated in recent weeks.

There are also a bunch of newly-illustrated charges, including the terrestrial sphere, eggplant, robin, mole, Hercules, tackle block, hide, ombrellino, zills, hayfork, mariner’s compass, and spanning hook. Several of these have not yet been registered in the Society — perhaps you could be the first!

Recent additions are listed below, with labels for new entries or multiple related illustrations.

  • Fields: Fretty (2), Mailly
  • Divisions: Barry Fleury (4), Bendy Wavy, Gyronny Wavy, Orly (new), Per Fess Rayonny, Per Fess Trefly (2, new)
  • Ordinaries: Base Wavy (2), Base Wavy Barry Wavy (3), Bend Double Cotised Interiors Potent Counter-potent (new), Bend Fusilly, Bend Sinister Engouled by Lions (new), Bendlets Potent Counter-potent (new), Chevron Enarched Conjoined To A Chevron (new), Chief Nebuly (new), Chief Rayonny (new), Flaunches Embattled (new)
  • Shapes & Symbols: Bend of Annulets Interlaced (new), Cross Capital (new), Cross Rayonnant (new), Four-Lobed Cornice (2), Heart (2), Lozenge, Quatrefoil (2, new)
  • The World & Heavens: Crescents Conjoined (2), Estoile, Flame, Increscent Moon, Mount of 5 Hillocks Couped, Ray of the Sun Issuant, Sun (2), Terrestrial Sphere (new), Thunderbolt, Trimount Couped
  • Plants: Acorn (2), Aloe Vera (new), Aspen Leaf (new), Birch Leaf (new), Blackberry Sprig (new), Braid of Garlic (new), Bush, Cinquefoil, Columbine, Eggplant (new), Elderflower Blossom (new), Forget-Me-Not, Gillyflower, Lady’s Mantle Leaf (new), Laurel Wreath, Lily Slipped and Leaved (new), Linden Leaves Issuant, Linden Tree Eradicated, Lotus Flower In Profile, Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated, Octofoil (2, new), Olive Tree (new), Pea Plants Entwined (new), Pear, Poplar Leaf (new), Quatrefoil, Rose (2), Rose Chaplet, Rose Orle (new), Rowan Berries (new), Sexfoil (4), Slip of Forget-Me-Not (2, new), Sprig of Heather (new), Sprig of Juniper (new), Sprig of Lilac (new) Blossom (new), Thistle (2), Tree
  • Invertebrates: Bee’s Wing (new), Cicada, Crab Statant (new), Crab’s Claws (new), Lobster, Lobster Passant (new), Stag Beetle’s Attires (new)
  • Fishes: Dolphin, Polypus, Whale, Winged Fish (2)
  • Reptiles: Crocodile Statant, Frog Couchant (new), Salamander (new), Serpent Involved, Toad Sejant (2, new), Wingless Basilisk (new)
  • Birds: Bat Sejant (new), Crow, Demi-Goose (new), Hawk’s Lure, Owl (2), Robin (new), Swan Naiant (2), Vol (2), Wing, Wings Conjoined In Lure
  • Beasts: Ass’s Head Couped Close, Boar’s Head Couped, Bull’s Head Cabossed (2), Camel Passant (new), Continental Panther Rampant (2), Demi-Goat (new), Doe’s Head Couped (new), Dog Rampant and Hooded (new), Dog’s Head Collared and Couped, Domestic Cat Rampant, Domestic Cat Sejant Guardant (new), Enfield Passant (new), Enfield Rampant, Fox Statant, Hedgehog (2), Hedgehog Rampant (new), Hedgehog Statant Erect (new), Horse Rampant, Horse’s Head Erased (new), Lion, Llama’s Head Couped (new), Llama’s Head Erased (new), Lynx Rampant, Mole Statant (new), Mouse Passant (new), Natural Tiger Couchant (new), Rabbit Rampant, Rabbit Statant (new), Racoon Rampant Guardant, Ram Passant (new), Ram Statant, Sheep Statant (new), Skunk Statant (new), Squirrel, Squirrel Courant (new), Squirrel Rampant, Stag’s Head Couped, Unicorn, Winged Domestic Cat Rampant, Wolf Passant Carrying Its Prey (new)
  • People: Armored Leg Couped (new), Dextrochere, Dextrochere Maintaining a Pen (new), Gorgon’s Head Couped (new), Gorgon’s Head Cabossed, Hand Couped, Hand Erased (new), Hercules Maintaining a Club and a Lion (new), Man In A Boat (new), Merman Armored (new), Moor’s Head Couped at the Shoulders, Woman’s Head Coifed and Couped at the Shoulders (new)
  • Food: Covered Pitcher (new), Half-Moon Knife (new)
  • Clothes: Crown Flory, Heckle, Maunch (2), Pilgrim’s Scrip
  • Tools: Closing Nail, Currier’s Shave, Shavehook (new), Soldering Iron (new), Tackle Block (new)
  • Buildings: Altar, Bridge Throughout of Four Arches and One Tower (new), Column, Natural Fountain, Obelisk, Tower, Tower Triple-Towered, Truss (new)
  • Arts and Sciences: Artist’s Paintbrush, Bell, Closed Book (2), Lawn Bowling Pin, Ombrellino (new), Parchmenter’s Herse (new), Zills (new)
  • Farming and Hunting: Beehive, Bucket, Flail (new), Hayfork (2, new), Hide (new)
  • Boats: Mariner’s Compass (new)
  • Military: Scimitar, Spanning Hook (new)
  • Assorted Objects: Banner (2), Chevron Of Chain (2, new), Gemstone (2)

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