A Pair of Hearts Pierced

February is here again, and the #HeraldicLove campaign is once again encouraging reenactors to display their arms (or a badge of allegiance) on a heart-shaped field.

I participated in this campaign last year, drawing three dozen heart-shaped badges and devices for branches and individuals. Along the way I also created digital templates for a heart-shaped field and a set of corresponding heart-shaped field divisions and ordinaries.

As we begin another round of heart-shaped heraldic display, I thought it would be fun to display a pair of hearts conjoined by an arrow, as I’ve done below with the arms of myself and my wife.

I encourage other couples to follow suit; to make it easier, I’ve provided a template you can use to create similar designs, in SVG (13Kb)JPEG (96Kb), and PNG (180Kb) formats.


The conjoined arms of Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin & Alienor Salton.

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