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The Lineage of Morsulus Heralds

The Morsulus Herald is a deputy to the Laurel Sovereign of Arms of the SCA, responsible for maintaining the Society’s record of heraldic registrations, as embodied in various forms of the Ordinary and Armorial.

The title of Morsulus was created by Karina of the Far West as her last official act before stepping down as third Laurel Sovereign, taking her inspiration from Latin: “Morsulus, a small byte.” [Cover Letter, Jun 1979]

The initial record keeping of the Society’s College of Arms was all done on paper, but as the number of registrations grew folks began experimenting with card files and then decided to move the records to an electronic database.

Hal Ravn seems to have been the first herald to manage the database, starting in or around May 1976. (There may have been an earlier effort begun in late 1975, or perhaps this was when Hal Ravn’s work actually began.) He was named Morsulus by Karina in mid-1979, with retroactive effect back to the beginning of his efforts. [Cover Letter, Jun 1979] He appears to have stepped down around the end of 1979. [Added later:] You can read Hal’s memories of this experience.

Renfield Wanderscribe was the second herald to manage the database. He is first mentioned in this regard in January 1980. [Cover Letter, Jan 1980 LoAR] He was not named Morsulus Herald, and instead was given the position of Clarion King of Arms. [Cover Letter, Mar 1980] He continued to play this role through at least September 1984.

Alban St. Albans was the third herald to manage the database. He was appointed the second Morsulus Herald in July or August 1985. [Cover Letter, Jul 1985 LoAR] He appears to have stepped down around the start of 1989.

Iathus of Scara was the fourth herald to manage the database. He began working on it in the early 1980s, and in 1984 published the first ordinary based on the hitherto-alphabetical armorial data. He was appointed the third Morsulus Herald somewhere around the start of 1989. [Added later:] You can read Iathus’ memories of this experience.

Iulstan Sigewealding was the fifth herald to manage the database. He was appointed the fourth Morsulus Herald in October or December 1992. [Cover Letter, Oct 1992 LoAR] He has recently shared some of his memories of this experience.

Herveus d’Ormonde was the sixth herald to manage the database. He was appointed the fifth Morsulus Herald as of April 2000. [Cover Letter, Feb 2000 LoAR]

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