August Additions to the Traceable Art

Over the last six weeks, I’ve added one hundred and fifty new images to the Traceable Heraldic Art collection, which now contains over 3,600 pieces of armorial clip art for use by heralds and scribes.

Some of the additions are drawn from period sources, including batches from Stemmario Trivulziano and the Mamluk Emblems Online Corpus, while others are new original art contributed by artists including Ræv Kolfinnsson and Jessimond of Emerickeskepe.

I’ve divided the “Food and Farming” section into two volumes, both to make it easier to find items related to a particular interest and because the software I use to assemble the collection works more efficiently when individual volumes are less than two hundred pages.

(The “Beasts” volume is almost seven hundred pages, and my computer noticeably slows down when I open it; I’d love to split it into a few sections, but haven’t yet been able to think of a meaningful axis on which to make that division — suggestions would be welcome.)

I’ve also added a new appendix with heraldic mantling, for use in constructing achievements. This section is still quite small, in part because I’ve had trouble finding clear black-and-white illustrations to import, but I’ll keep looking for more these types of elements, and would appreciate contributions from artists to this new corner of the collection.

Notable new charges this month include the period Islamic polo stick, a maiden mounted on a bear passant and a shawl tied in annulo, both from a period Polish armorial, as well as the calla lilycrocodile, and sow.

The new illustrations are listed below, with a label for new headings and a number for multiple illustrations.

  • Ordinaries: Chevron Invected (new)
  • Shapes & Symbols: Celtic Cross (2), Cross Bottony (2), Cross Formy (2), Cross Potent (2), Norse Sun-Cross, Schnecke, Stafford Knot
  • The World & Heavens: Cloud, Mount, Stone, Stream
  • Plants: Acorn, Broom Sprig, Cabbage, Calla Lily (new; 3), Chaplet of Roses (new), Créquier, Fleur de Lys (3), Leek, Lemon (new), Lettuce (new), Oak Sprig Fructed, Pine Tree, Ragged Staff, Seeblatt
  • Invertebrates: Snail (2)
  • Fish: Crab, Fish
  • Reptiles: Crocodile Statant (new), Serpent Glissant Palewise (new), Tortoise
  • Birds: Alerion (new), Bird (2), Eagle, Eagle’s Foot Couped (new), Swan, Vol
  • Beasts: Ass’s Head (2), Badger, Bear, Boar, Bull’s Head (2), Domestic Cat’s Eye (new), Fox, Goat (2), Hedgehog, Lynx’s Head (new), Rabbit (2), Rat Statant (new), Sheep (2), Sow (new; 2), Wolf (7), Wolf’s Head
  • People: Foi (new), Maiden Mounted on a Bear Passant (new), Man’s Head Cabossed (new), Man’s Head Couped at the Shoulders (new)
  • Food: Bottle (2), Cauldron, Cup (3), Drinking Horn
  • Clothes and Fabric: Maunch, Mummer’s Mask (new), Netting Shuttle (new), Phrygian Cap, Shawl Tied in Annulo (new), Sole
  • Tools: Carpenter’s Square (2), Grindstone (new), Hammer, Staple
  • Buildings: Andiron (new), Castle (3), House, Table, Table-Trestle In Profile (new)
  • Arts and Sciences: Bass Cornetto (new), Bell, Cow-Bell (new), Die, Dulcimer (new), Lyre, Penbox (new; 2), Polo Stick (new), Psaltry (new), Zither (new)
  • Farming: Bag of Madder, Bucket (2), Hay House, Horseshoe, Pair of Hames, Snaffle-Bit, Stirrup, Wool-Pack
  • Ships & Fishing: Coracle, Oarlock (new), Rowboat, Sail (2), Salmon Spear
  • Military: Crossbow, Gauntlet, Handgun Rest (new; 2), Helm (2), Shield (4), Tilting Spear
  • Assorted Objects: Chain, Cog-Wheel, Gonfalon, Key, Wheel (2)


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