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Traceable Art for June and July

More than one hundred and thirty new images have been added to the Traceable Heraldic Art collection over the last seven weeks.

Thanks to Ræv Kolfinnsson for contributing forty of those charges, including attractive sets of cats, dogs, foxes, and lions, each drawn in a variety of postures. Thanks also to first-time contributors Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle and Jessimond of Emerickeskepe, and to Iago ab Adam for continuing to dig up unique charges from period armorials.

Among the notable new charges this month, see the Archery Target, Ichthyocentaur, Sledge, Solleret, and Strike, as well as the Curule Chair, Domed Oven, and Thunderbolt.

In addition to the new art, I’ve also made a few updates to the general site navigation. It should be easier to find the search functionality, which leverages Google’s index and thus handles spelling errors and synonyms. I’ve also tried to make it easier to find art from a particular source or artist.

The new additions are listed below; numbers show additions of multiple illustrations, and expansions of existing headings are labeled “additional.”

  • Divisions: Per Chevron Raguly (2), Barry Dancetty, Barry Dancetty and Paly, Lozengy Barry (1 additional)
  • Ordinaries: Bendlets Gemel
  • Shapes & Symbols: Labyrinth (1 additional)
  • The World & Heavens: Crescent (1 additional), Enflamed, Goutte (2 additional), Moon In Her Plenitude (1 additional), Stone (2 additional), Thunderbolt
  • Plants: Clove (1 additional), Oak Leaf (1 additional), Pine Cone, Thistle (1 additional)
  • Fish: Fish Embowed (1 additional), Lobster (1 additional)
  • Reptiles: Serpent Erect (1 additional), Serpent Glissant (1 additional), Serpent Involved, Serpent Nowed (1 additional), Three Serpents Fretted, Winged Serpent Glissant
  • Birds: Dove Volant (1 additional), Ostrich, Poppinjay (1 additional), Stork Maintaining in its Beak a Snake, Titmouse
  • Beasts: Ass Statant Erect Vested, Badger Statant (1 additional), Bear Rampant (1 additional), Bear’s Head Erased (1 additional), Bear’s Jambe Fesswise Embowed, Bull Passant (2 additional), Demi-Ass Pierced by a Dart, Dog Couchant (1 additional), Dog Passant (1 additional), Dog Rampant (1 additional), Dog Rampant Collared (1 additional), Dog Salient, Dog Sejant (1 additional), Dog Sejant Erect (1 additional), Dog Statant (1 additional), Dog’s Head Couped (1 additional), Domestic Cat Couchant (1 additional), Domestic Cat Courant, Domestic Cat Passant (1 additional), Domestic Cat Rampant (1 additional), Domestic Cat Salient, Domestic Cat Sejant (1 additional), Domestic Cat Sejant Erect, Domestic Cat Statant, Elephant (1 additional), Fox Couchant (1 additional), Fox Passant (1 additional), Fox Sejant (1 additional), Fox Statant, Lion (2 additional), Lion Courant, Lion Passant (1 additional), Lion Regardant (1 additional), Lion Salient (1 additional), Lion Sejant (1 additional), Lion Sejant Erect (1 additional), Lion Sejant Erect Regardant, Lion Sejant Regardant, Lion Sejant in a Chair Maintaining a Pole Axe, Lion Statant (1 additional), Lion-Serpent, Rabbit Couchant (1 additional), Rabbit Courant (1 additional), Squirrel Rampant, Stag Trippant (1 additional)
  • People: Beard (2 additional), Ichthyocentaur, Maiden (1 additional), Maiden Cloaked and Hooded
  • Food and Farming: Bag of Madder (2), Butter Churn (1 additional), Domed Oven, Ladle, Pair of Hames, Plow (1 additional)
  • Clothes and Fabric: Pearled Crown (1 additional), Hair Pin, Hand-Brush
  • Tools: Adze (1 additional), Currier’s Shave, Drawing Compass (1 additional), Float, Pair Of Calipers (1 additional), Strike
  • Buildings: Arch (1 additional), Curule Chair, Church (2), City (1 additional), Tower (1 additional), Tower Triple-Towered (1 additional)
  • Arts and Sciences: Apothecary Jar, Bell (1 additional), Die (2 additional), Fleam (1 additional)
  • Military: Archery Target, Bird-Blunt (1 additional), Bow (1 additional), Breastplate (1 additional), Crampet (1 additional), Cranequin, Cuisse, Falchion, Fasces, Fireball, Flanged Mace (1 additional), Goats Foot Lever, Grenade (1 additional), Musket, Pauldron, Petronel, Pole-Cannon, Quiver (2), Rocket, Scabbard, Scaling Ladder, Solleret
  • Assorted Objects: Lantern (1 additional), Sledge

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