May Additions to Traceable Art

Since last month, I’ve added another ninety images to the Traceable Heraldic Art collection.

Thanks to Iago ab Adam for continuing to send attractive line art adapted from period sources, and to new contributor Zubeydah al-Badawiyyah for filling a gap in the collection of cross variations.

As with previous updates, each item listed below includes a single design unless a number is provided in parentheses, and represents a new heading unless marked as an addition.

  • Fields: Plumetty (2 additional)
  • Divisions: Barry Wavy (2 additional); Per Chevron Inverted (2 additional)
  • Ordinaries: Bordure Nebuly; Chevron Nebuly
  • Shapes & Symbols: Labyrinth (3 additional); Lozenge Pometty (2 additional); Russian Orthodox Cross
  • The World & Heavens: Cloud (1 additional); Three Crescents Fretted
  • Plants: Almond (1 additional); Cinquefoil (1 additional); Fleur de Lys (1 additional); Gillyflower (3 additional); Laurel Wreath (1 additional); Linden Tree Eradicated (1 additional)
  • Fish: Lobster (1 additional)
  • Birds: Cock (1 additional); Eagle’s Leg Erased Grasping A Fish (1 additional); Owl (1 additional); Panache of Peacock Feathers; Peacock Feather (1 additional)
  • Beasts: Ass’s Head (1 additional); Bison’s Head (1 additional); Fox Salient Ravishing a Goose; Fox’s Tail (2); Horse Passant (1 additional); Lion (1 additional); Five Otters Courant In Annulo; Stag’s Head (2 additional)
  • People: Hand Issuant from a Cloud; Maiden’s Head (2); Man Hooded and Robed; Skull (1 additional); Two Arms with Hands Clasped (2)
  • Food and Farming: Flask (1 additional)
  • Clothes and Fabric: Coif; Hair Comb (1 additional); Pearled Crown; Maunch (1 additional); Thimble (2 additional)
  • Tools: Thor’s Hammer or Mjolnir (1 additional); Block Plane (1 additional)
  • Buildings: Castle (1 additional); Chair; Tower (2 additional); Tower Issuant from a Rock; Siege Tower; Wall
  • Arts and Sciences: Athanor; Clarion (1 additional); Musical Clef (3); Musical Note (5); Retort; Urinal In A Basket
  • Military: Caltrop (1 additional); Quintain; Sword (1 additional); Broken Sword; Sword Cortana; Sword Fracted; Sword Fracted In Chevron
  • Ships & Fishing: Fishhook (2 additional); Three Fishhooks Fretted; Oar (1 additional); Rowboat
  • Assorted Objects: Banner (1 additional); French-Cut Gemstone; Water-Bouget (1 additional); Wheel (2 additional)

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