New Fall Illustrations

This fall, I have started to separate the largest volume of the collection, with over six hundred illustrations of man-made objects, by moving all of the illustrations related to food and farming into a section of their own, and the same for all of the military-related charges. I intend to continue this process, perhaps splitting out all of the clothing and fabric-related items into a volume of their own.

I hope that this makes it easier for folks who want to page through items related to a particular theme, while still allowing easy lookups of individual charges.

There are a hundred new illustrations that have been added to the collection since this August’s Pennsic. My thanks to the artists who have contributed new charges, including Pennsic Art Tent illustrators Bahja al-Azraq, Kryss Kostarev, and Li Xia, among others.

As with previous updates, each item listed below includes a single design unless a number is provided in parentheses, and represents a new heading unless marked as an addition.

  • Field Divisions: Per Bend Sinister Rompu, Per Chevron Wavy (1 additional), Barry (1 additional), Barry Wavy (1 additional), Bendy (1 additional), Bendy Sinister (1 additional), Chevronelly Wavy, Paly Wavy (2), Chevronelly And Per Pale
  • Ordinaries: Bend Wavy (1 additional), Chevron Engrailed (1 additional), Chevron Humetty, Chevronels Humetty (2), Cross Bretessed, Cross Counter-Embattled, Cross Raguly, Fess Wavy (1 additional), Pale Embattled, Pale Fusilly (1 additional), Pale Wavy, Pile Bendy Issuant From Dexter Chief, Saltire Bretessed
  • The World & Heavens: Stream Fesswise Throughout, Sun (1 additional)
  • Plants: Cluster of Ash Keys, Clove, Fleur de Lys (1 additional), Three Holly Leaves In Pall (1 additional), Mandrake (1 additional), Pear (1 additional), Chili Pepper, Rose (1 additional), Orle of Thorns
  • Invertebrates: Cicada, Snail (1 additional)
  • Birds: Cock (1 additional), Eagle (1 additional), Falcon Belled
  • Beasts: Allocamelus Statant, Antelope Statant, Ass Passant (1 additional), Bear Sejant, Bison Passant Guardant, Domestic Cat Rampant (1 additional), Dog Sejant Erect, Elephant’s Head Erased, Hedgehog Statant Impaling Grapes (2), Hyena Statant, Lion Queue Forchy (1 additional), Monkey Statant Collared and Chained (1 additional), Otter Passant, Panther Passant (1 additional), Panther Rampant, Three Rabbits Salient Conjoined, Rhinoceros Rampant, Stoat Rampant
  • People: Skeleton, Pair of Testicles, Tress (2)
  • Farming and Food: Coulter, Plowshare (2), Sieve, Wool-pack (1 additional)
  • Military: Bardiche Axe, Pole Axe (1 additional), Billhook (1 additional), Glaive, Halberd, Great Helm (1 additional), Partisan, Spear (1 additional)
  • Objects and Tools: Awl (1 additional), Hand-Basket, Brogue, Chain (1 additional), Annulet of Chain (1 additional), Orle Of Chain, Chisel, Column (1 additional), Wool Comb, Cresset, Grozing Iron, Hose (1 additional), Mantle, Domino Mask, Visard Mask, Mitten, Closing Nail, Orb (1 additional), Phial (1 additional), Staircase, Trivet (1 additional), Trowel, Urinal In A Basket, Water-Bouget (1 additional)

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