April’s Traceable Art

There’ve been 120 new illustrations added to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art since February, bringing us to a total of 2,600 items.

This batch includes a depiction of a belladona flower and a number of other images by Nicholas de Estleche, as well as two caps — a bycocket and a cap of maintenance — and some everyday items found in medieval households, including a grater, a funnel, and a hand mirror.

Below is a summary of the new entries; each includes a single illustration unless a number is provided in parentheses, and represents a new heading unless marked as an addition.

  • Lines: Nebuly Line (1 additional)
  • Field Divisions: Per Bend Nebuly (1 additional), Per Chevron Ployé Flory at the Point (1 additional), Per Fess Nebuly (1 additional), Per Fess Potenty, Per Pale Potenty
  • Ordinaries: Chief Engrailed, Chief Invected, Chief Potenty, Fess Engrailed, Fess Fusilly, Fess Invected, Fess Potenty, Pale Fusilly, Pale Potenty, Pile (1 additional), Pile Cotised, 3 Piles Inverted Palewise
  • Shapes & Symbols: Cross Moline (1 additional), Lozenge Ployé (1 additional), Lozenge Pometty, Masculyn, Mitsutomoe (2 additional), Zule
  • The World: Crescent (1 additional), Gurges (3 additional), Stone (1 additional)
  • Plants: Acorn Slipped & Leaved (1 additional), Beladona Flower Slipped and Leaved, Lotus Flower Affronty (1 additional), Palm Tree, Pine Tree (1 additional), Rose (1 additional), Sexfoil, Sprig of Tobacco
  • Invertebrates: Butterfly (2 additional), Scorpion (1 additional), Spider (1 additional), Wasp (1 additional)
  • Birds: Bird Volant Addorsed, Duck Enraged, Eagle (1 additional), Eagle, Double-Headed (1 additional), Pelican In Its Piety (1 additional)
  • Beasts: Anteater Rampant, Badger’s Head Cabossed, Badger’s Head Erased (1 additional), Bagwyn Rampant Guardant, Beaver Rampant Vorant of a Fish (1 additional), Beaver Salient (2 additional), Beaver Salient Vorant of a Fish, Beaver Statant (2 additional), Beaver Statant Vorant of a Fish, Boar’s Head Issuant From a Bowl, Dog Passant (1 additional), Genet Passant, Horse Passant (1 additional), Ibex’s Horn (1 additional), Lion Passant Guardant (1 additional), Lion Queue Forchy (1 additional), Mouse Dormant, Mouse Sejant Erect, Tyger Statant, Wolf Passant (1 additional), Yale Rampant (2 additional)
  • People: Arm Vested Fesswise Maintaining a Gemmed Ring, Moor’s Head (2 additional)
  • Objects: Ark of the Covenant (2), Bellows (1 additional), Besom (1 additional), Brooch, Closed (2 additional), Buckle (1 additional), Bycocket, Candlestick (3), Cap, Cap of Maintenance (2), Carriage Frame, Chest, Cog-Wheel (1 additional), Comb, Hair, Drill, Folding Fan (1 additional), Winnowing Fan, Fork, Funnel, Furison (2 additional), French-Cut Gemstone In Profile, Hexagonal Gemstone, Grater, Heckle, Hood, Knife (1 additional), Ladle, Lymphad with Oars Shipped (1 additional), Hand Mirror, Wall Mirror, Phial (1 additional), Bookbinding Press, Rapier (1 additional), Scroll, Open (1 additional), Shacklebolt, Shoe (1 additional), Spoon (1 additional), Tambourine, Tassel (1 additional), Triangular Trivet

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