Family Animal Badges

Although devices (or “coats of arms”) are the most recognizable form of armorial display, their cousins the fieldless badges were equally common during the medieval period and renaissance.

We’ve recently registered a fieldless badge for each member of our family incorporating a distinctive animal and color.

(Fieldless) A bear passant gules.

The red bear is the charge from my arms, and a cant on my society name.

Accepted on the June 2018 LoAR with a comment of “Nice badge!”

(Fieldless) A pig passant purpure.

Alienor’s beast reflects her nickname and the color from her arms.

Accepted on the June 2018 LoAR.

(Fieldless) A rhinoceros sable.

Alaxandair’s beast reflects his intimidating size and ferocity.

(Thanks to Thory Vedardottir for their help with the rhino art.)

Accepted on the January 2019 LoAR with a comment of “Nice badge!”

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