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Traceable Art at Pennsic XLVII

The Book of Traceable Heraldic Art was in service for its second Pennsic this summer, and hundreds of armory submissions were drawn using images from the new collection.
With more than two thousand illustrations, it’s twice the size of last year’s edition. The fifteen binders required to store the print version take up a fair amount of space in the Heralds’ Point art tent, but now that I’ve incorporated the rest of the art from the old Pennsic Traceable Art books, we were able to retire those other binders and reclaim a bit of space.
My thanks to everyone who’s contributed art or provided feedback and other assistance over the last year.
Key goals for the coming year include fixing problematic images and prominently labeling all no-longer-registrable charges, rounding out gaps in the collection (how do we not have an illustration of an egg yet?), and adding more illustrations in a variety of styles from period sources and society artists. Drop me a line if you want to get involved!

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