Ordinaries and Divisions and Arrangements, Oh My!

While the language of blazon used to describe armory is filled with hundreds of specialized terms which need to be memorized individually, at its core there’s a set of basic terms that describe a matrix of related ordinaries (simple geometric charges defined by their relationship to the field), divisions (lines splitting the field or a charge into two tinctures), arrangements (placements of charges in a group), and orientations (alignments of charges in a particular direction).

Lord Yehuda ben Moshe created a useful visual guide that makes it easier to see how these terms interrelate, which I have adapted to fit on a single sheet of paper for use in the Visual Reference appendix to The Book of Traceable Heraldic Art.

This is available as a high-resolution PNG or a printable PDF.

As with Yehuda’s original, this document is free to share, post, and modify as you’d like.

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