The Arms of The Viceroys and Vicereines of Østgarðr

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Østgarđr, and indeed of the East Kingdom — because in the beginning, Østgarđr was the East — we’ve been looking back over our history, and in keeping with that project I thought I would catalog the armorial devices of the viceroys and vicereines of Østgarđr since the earliest days.

A.S. LI — Present

Suuder Saran is the sixth viceroy of Østgarđr.

He bears Per chevron inverted sable and purpure, a crescent argent and a flame Or.

Registered March 2013 under a holding name. (Image as submitted.)

Lada Monguligin is the fourth vicereine of Østgarđr.

She bears Gules, a sans-serif letter “M” inverted surmounted by a pallet couped argent issuant from a trimount vert.

This design is evocative of traditional Eastern European coats of arms. Polish armory is known for most often using red fields bearing gold or silver charges. Polish armory is also notable for many charges based on geometric shapes, which are derived from tamgas, a system of brands and badges used to mark property by medieval Mongols and related Eurasian nomadic cultures. Hungarian armory frequently feature gold or silver charges emergent from a green mountain on a red field. The central charge here is reminiscent of the trident featured in the arms of Ukraine. The society does not have a lot of Eastern-European armory, so this submission provoked some interesting commentary at the kingdom and society level, and in the LoAR.

Registered March 2013 under a holding name. (Image as submitted.)


Gui avec Cheval de Guise was the fifth viceroy of Østgarđr.

He bears Azure, a fleur-de-lys and on a chief embattled argent a hare courant contourny sable.

Guise is a town in northern France.

Registered May 1996 under the name Guy Cheveux de Guise.

Johanne i Visby was the third vicereine of Østgarđr.

She bears Azure, a chevron argent and in sinister chief a mullet Or.

Registered August 2008. (Image as submitted.)


Alexandre Lerot d’Avignon was the fourth viceroy of Østgarđr.

He bears Per pale wavy purpure and argent, a serpent, glissant palewise and sinister facing, argent and a wolf rampant sable.

Registered September 1998.

Eularia Trewe was the second vicereine of Østgarđr.

She bears Argent, two chevronels purpure and overall a crow contourny sable.

Registered October 2006.



Ian of Clan Mitchell was the third viceroy of Østgarđr.

He bears Azure, climbing a bendlet indented Or, a cat passant bendwise argent orbed Or.

(Today we would blazon this beast as gardant.)

[Updated Nov 12: The cat’s name is Kiki.]

Registered August 1979. (Image as submitted.)

Katherine Gilliesfleur was the first vicereine of Østgarđr.

She bears Or, in saltire an arrow inverted and a dagger sable, on a chief azure three gillyflowers argent, seeded Or.

The gillyflower is a medieval ancestor of the modern carnation.

Registered December 1983. (Image as submitted.)


Cassandra of Bethel was the second viceroy of Østgarđr.

She bears Argent, a human eye lidded, chased vert.

Registered June 1972 under the name Cassandra of Beth’lem. (Image as submitted.)

A.S. X —XI

Vardak Mirceavitch Basarabov of Iloi was the first viceroy of Østgarđr, serving in this position for less than one year.

He bears Argent, a fox’s head erased sable and in chief three pine cones, stems to chief proper.

Registered April 1975. (Image as submitted.)

Updated Nov 12: Thanks to some feedback on Facebook, I’ve corrected a mis-colored field both above and in the combined “poster” version that shows all of the arms in chronological order as a single image.

Updated Jan 27: I noticed that I had incorrectly emblazoned Lada’s arms with a mountain rather than a trimount; this has been corrected.

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