The Heraldic Registrations Of The Crown Province Of Østgarðr

In the summer of 2018, the East Kingdom celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, and encouraged all local branches to gather and document their history with others.

As the Seahorse Pursuivant of Østgarðr at the time, I spent some time reviewing the Crown Province’s heraldic history and assembling a small book of arms and badges which was included in our display at the event’s “Halls of History.”

Unfortunately, shortly after I’d sent the book off to be printed, my computer’s hard drive crashed and I lost a couple of weeks worth of work, so the only digital records I have are for a rough draft from a month earlier, which lacks a few images and include a few garbled passages and placeholder text.

Nonetheless, in case it’s of interest to others, I figured I should make that draft available:

The Heraldic Registrations Of The Crown Province Of Østgarđr (16 MB PDF)