About the IAP Catalog

Since 2017, I’ve been periodically trawling through OSCAR and the LoARs to catalog submissions using the “Individually Attested Pattern” rules, known as “IAPs,” which allow for the registration of armorial designs which don’t fall under  the “core style” rules of the SCA’s College of Arms.

This catalog represents the third iteration of this project, following a 2017 blog post and a 2020 update; hopefully the structure used here will be sufficient for at least a handful of years.

My thanks to Emma de Fetherstan for sharing her own list of IAP submissions, which included more than a dozen entries I had previously omitted.

While I have attempted to be thorough, I can not guarantee that I haven’t overlooked some IAP submissions — if you find more, please let me know!


If you are constructing a new IAP submissions, you may find these other resources may be of use: