A Geographic History Of The East Kingdom

Editor’s Note: In AS XXIV (early 1990), Lord Richard the Poor assembled a collection of maps setting forth the growth and evolution of the SCA branches that make up the East Kingdom. Covering two decades, the maps provide a visual reference for the kingdom’s growth from a few isolated groups in New York and Boston to dozens of baronies, cantons, and shires covering the region.

Originally hand-drawn and typeset in the days of dot-matrix printers, and written before social media and widespread Internet access made it easy to collect feedback from far away, the book had fallen out of circulation with only a single copy available online, on the Æthelmark history web site. With Lord Richard’s permission, I am making the original work available for download here (45 MB PDF) and have converted it to a more web-accessible form shown below. The text has been run through an optical character recognition tool which introduced some typographical errors; I have endeavored to correct these but no doubt some have slipped through. Please feel free to contact me with questions or corrections.

Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, Whyt Whey Herald

A Geographic History Of The East Kingdom

By Lord Richard the Poor

1. Introduction

This work is an attempt to chronicle the growth of the East Kingdom since its beginning in A.S. ll. The format is that of The Penguin Atlas of Medieval History by Colin McEvedy (I hope he doesn’t mind). The maps are “snapshots” of the East at various dates throughout its history. I have deliberately chosen the times to illustrate as much of the development and to include as many groups and names as possible. A page of text accompanying each map describes the changes since the previous map, and gives other information not shown.

The base map shows the Kingdom from west Virginia to Maine, with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in an inset. The scale was chosen to allow the most detail on a single sheet of paper. No borders are shown (other than that of the Kingdom itself) as they are too ill-defined and would make the maps too confusing. The dots indicating a group are located as close as possible to its (mundane) population center as possible. The “northern border” of the Kingdom is the Great Lakes shore and the St. Lawrence River.

Although there are probably residents north of this, I can Justify the use of the river as a border. Montreal (L’lle du Dragon Dormant) is located on an island in the river, and Trois Riviers (St. Maurice) is on its northern bank. There have never been any groups centered further north. The only group that does not appear on any maps is Ar N’eilean-ne (St. John’s, Newfoundland) which proved too difficult to include on any reasonable scale for the maps. It, with my apologies to its inhabitants, is relegated to the notes accompanying the maps.

2. What is Not Included

Although part of the East Kingdom since A.S. IX, Drachenwald is not included. For an atlas, the scale needed presented a problem. At present, over half the groups in Europe are in Germany. To show these at a scale large enough to display them clearly would make it impossible to show the rest of Europe on the same page. It presents a difficulty for the historian; much of the information on the early years is sketchy at best. it was decided to leave the task of chronicling the development of Drachenwald to another.

At its beginnings in A.S. II, the East Kingdom technically included all lands east of the Mississippi River. Including these would make the maps all but impossible for the reader and the author, so they are not included. This is no loss, areas there became independent groups almost as soon as they were “colonized.”

The East Kingdom also included what is now the Kingdom of Atlantia until they became independent in A.S. XV. Since then they have had their own history; I will leave the task of chronicling it to one of their own. There is also the matter of scale; including Atlantia would make the maps too cramped.

My overriding desire has been to keep all maps at the same scale to make it easy to observe the progress of the Kingdom. I feel excluding Drachenwald and Atlantia to be a necessary sacrifice to this end.

3. General Notes

The maps use standard symbols for the groups. A barony or province is shown as a dot within a circle. A shire or canton is a simple dot; the cantons being connected by a line to their parent groups. For the sake of clarity canton names are excluded from the maps; they are mentioned in the accompanying notes. An incipient group is denoted by an open circle. When the Principality of Æthelmark appears it uses square symbols. Many groups had different spellings for their names, I have picked one of the variants used; l will not (and in some circumstances cannot) be responsible for spelling errors in these cases.

In the early years of the Kingdom, all groups were considered to be baronies and there was no such thing as “incipient” status. Around A.S. X this concept was developed as a trial period for a group to see if they could be truly viable. Apparently too many groups had been forming and then dissolving a few months later when their Prime Mover left them. It became standard practice by about A.S. XIV.

The information for this work was obtained solely from a list maintained by the Kingdom Seneschal’s office and is therefore subject to all the errors and omissions of that list. I trust these have been kept to a minimum. If there is an error, either of omission or commission, in this work, I will take responsibility for it.

Reference Map

As a reference to the reader, this first map shows some of the major cities in the region of interest. Larger cities (those with major league baseball or football teams) are represented by circled dots; the rest are simple dots. Most of these serve as homes for groups at one time.

It is an appropriate time to discuss the geography behind the location of groups in the Society in general. Obviously, most groups will form in major population centers. A large base makes it easy to draw enough members to make a viable group. The Crown Province of Østgarđr (New York City) is the most obvious example.

Groups are also likely to form around universities. The access to information, the ease of organizing, and the concentration of population are among the things that make centers of higher learning bases for groups. A good example is Sterling Vayle (Binghamton, NY), as SUNY–Binghamton is one of the top centers for Medieval Studies in the country.

Military installations are also homes for groups (especially in Drachenwald). The reasons are probably similar to those for universities, with the study of military history and martial arts as added “attractions.”

March AS VI (1972)

The first settlers from the west naturally gravitated to the major cities. The first group founded was in New York City (4/68), it did not have an official name until it adopted the designation of Two Rivers in A.S. VI (3/72). The Barony of Carolingia (Boston) followed soon after, gaining recognized status in A.S. V (4/71) at the same time as its canton, The Towers. This canton appeared and disappeared throughout the 1970’s; due to the lack of information I will assume its existence to be continuous.

The next groups were the Barony Beyond the Mountain (Connecticut) and the Barony of Cormadon (Albany), both of which were founded in A.S. VI (6/71). A group formed in Philadelphia (9/71) but has not chosen a name by the time of this map.

To save space, the Barony Beyond the Mountain will hereafter be referred to both in the maps and in the text as “BBM”.

July AS X (1975)

The Barony of Cormadon has the dubious distinction of being the first group in the Kingdom to dissolve (4/72), but the general growth of the Kingdom continued. Coill Ordha (Hackettstown NJ, 6/72) was the next new group to form, followed by Freya (Upsala Coll. NJ, 4/73).

A new barony appeared in Pittsburgh, the Barony Marche of the Debateable Lands (BMDL), in A.S. VII (9/73). The name is from the fact that the loser in the early Pennsic wars between the Kingdoms of the Middle and the East was given Pittsburgh. This practice is no longer observed. They obtained four cantons: Aradia (Westmoreland PA, 10/74), Normandie (Butler PA, 1/75), Bethanie (Wheeling WV, 1/75), and Sudavantes (Washington Co. PA, 1/75).

December of A.S. VIII (1973) saw groups appear in Rhode island (the Bridge) and Plattsburgh, NY (Drunemeton). Later that year, the Dominion of Myrkfaellin (Ithaca NY, 4/74) and Thescorre (Rochester NY, 4/74) were founded.

There followed Morgana (Morgantown WV, 1/75), Eastmere (Buffalo NY, 6/75), and Caid-ja (Geneseo NY, 7/75).

Two Rivers changed its name to the Crown Province of Østgarđr (6/73) and the Philadelphia chapter adopted the name of the Barony of Bhakhail (4/73) as well as acquiring the Canton of Caer Achwyn (Bryn Mawr, 18/74). Carolingia got its own canton, the Canton of Mermont (Marblehead, 12/73), and BBM got the Canton 0f Fennbrycg (Univ. of CT, 12/73).

By the way, has anyone else noticed that “Thescorre” is an anagram of “Rochester”?

March AS XI (1977)

A lot has happened in the almost two years since the previous map, as new groups continued to arise and those that turned out not to be viable dissolved.

BMDL lost all its cantons between September and December A.S. X (1975), and Carolingia lost Mermont that year as well (8/75). Bhakhail lost Caer Achwyn (3/76) but gained the Canton of the Ivory Tower (Swarthmore ColI., 3/77). BBM gained the Canton of Dragonship Haven (Southwest CT, 6/76). In July A.S. X1 (1976), the Bridge became a barony and gained the Canton of Nordwald (Woonsocket RI).

Groups not making the cut were Drunemeton (11/75), Freya (5/76), and Coill Ordha (7/76). New groups were Concordia (Albany NY, 1/76), Smoking Rocks (southeast MA, 3/76), Lost Mountain (Bethany WV, 7/76), the Shire of the Brook (SUNY – Stony Brook, 8/76), the Mountain Freehold (10/76), Rhydderich Hael (2/77) and Silver Phoenix (3/77). The last two groups were in incipient status at this point.

In other news, Caid-ja changed its name to Ashantal (7/76). Caer Leon (Worcester, MA) existed from September to December of A.S. X (1975); its lifetime is too brief for the group to be included on any map.

February AS XIII (1979)

By now the East Kingdom has stabilized somewhat, and groups no longer appear and disappear in the space of a few months. Only three dissolved in the two years separating this map from the previous: Lost Mountain (4/77), Eastmere (6/77) and the Brook (12/78). The latter two, however, were supplanted by Rhydderich Hael and Dorno Aral (Suffolk Co. NY, 7/78), respectively.

Dragonship Haven gained independence from BBM (12/78), but BBM gained another canton. Ravenhill (Danbury CT, 7/78) to replace it. From now on Dragonship Haven will be shown on the maps as “DH” to save space.

Other new groups were Carillion (Monmouth & Ocean Co. Nd, 4/77). Vinland (Northern Maine, 7/77) Dawnfield (Harrisburg PA, 8/77), Frosted Hills (Poughkeepsie NY, 1/78), and Von Sosse (Worcester MA, 7/78). Hollin (Kingston NY) was founded in August A.s. XII (1977). Seven months later they changed their name to Hollyndale. Likewise, Hostigos (State College PA) was founded in October A.S. XII (1977) but changed its name to Nithgaard in August of the next year.

Thescorre reached baronial status in December A.S. XIII (1978) and Østgarđr gained two cantons: the Dark Canton (City College of N.Y.) and King’s Heights (Columbia U.), both In January A.S. XIII (1979).

The name Von Sosse is supposed to mean “of the sauce”, because the group is the Worcester shire.

March AS XV (1981)

Another two years, another map, and a lot of new groups.

Settmour Swamp (Somerset & Morris Co. NJ, 10/79) was the first, then Valcor (Dutchess Co. NY, 3/80), Anrhyffedodd (Hanover NH, 7/80), Crimson Shore (Erie PA 1/81), and Nem-ra-Nog (Greensburg PA, 1/81).

A number of new shires apparently had trouble deciding on a name. Branswatch (NH, 10/79) changed to The Little Golden Folk (3/80) and then back to Branswatch (4/81, see next map). Crescent Moon (Wexford PA, 7/80) became Janewiem two months later. Briarwood Valley (Follansby WV, 9/80) changed to Hephaestus (1/81) and then Purneos (4/81, see next map).

Rhydderich Hael (3/79), Dragonship Haven (3/79), and Concordia (1/81) all became baronies. Rhydderich Hael gained a canton, Beau Fleuve (Niagra Falls NY, 11/79). The Bridge and BBM also gained cantons: Trollhaven (Southern RI, 3/79) and Falcon’s Ayrie (New London CT, 3/80) respectively.

The most activity was in Østgarđr. Although they lost both the Dark Canton and King’s Heights in December A.S. XV (1980), they gained six new cantons: Iron Forest (Sloatsburg NY, 11/79), St. Dunstan’s (NYU, 3/80), Blasted Heath (North Bergen NJ. 3/80), walking Dunes (Southhampton College, also 3/80), Madnan (Nassau Co, 10/80), and Black Ford (Fordham U., 3/81). Blasted Heath became a separate shire in October A.S. XV (1980).

June AS XVI (1981)

Two of Østgarđr’s new cantons proved to be not viable. St. Dunstan’s and Walking Dunes both dissolved in May A.S. XVI (1981). Their former canton, Blasted Heath, also died at the same time. Silver Phoenix and Vinland also failed (in April and May, respectively. Morgana was dissolved and then replaced by Collegium Montum in June.

The losses were more than made up for as the Kingdom continued to grow rapidly. The new shires were Anglespur (Troy NY, 4/81), Delftwood (Syracuse NY, 5/81), Stone Keep (west Point NY, 6/81), and Misty Seacoast (Bath ME, 6/81).

The primary growth was in cantons. The Bridge gained The College on the Hill (Brown U., 6/81), BMDL got Cour d’Or (Pittsburgh PA, 6/81), Dragonship Haven got Flaming Forge (Bridgeport CT, 6/81), and Bhakhail got both Wolcen Weir (Phoenixville PA, 5/81) and Iveyinrust (Univ. of PA, 6/81). Settmour Swamp, in an attempt to become a barony, formed a canton: Pavonia (New Brunswick NJ, 5/81). The name was changed to Gryphon Wald the next month. it is shown as a shire on the map since Settmour Swamp is not yet a barony.

March AS XVI (1982)

Settmour Swamp made baronial status in September AS XVI (1981). Dorno Aral was supplanted by An Dubhaigeainn the month before, and Frosted Hills folded the month before that. Other than these, all changes are in the formation of new groups.

The new shires were Bergenthal (western MA, 7/81), Endless Hills (Scranton PA, 8/81), Audhelm (Point Carbine PA, 8/81), Ballycon (Beverly/Andover MA, 9/81), Morgandy Hill (Nashua NH, 12/81), Northern Outpost (Potsdam NY, 12/81), Malagentia (Portland ME, 12/81), Rusted woodlands (Bergen 8: Passaic Co. NJ, 1/82), Aldea (Exeter/Portsmouth NH, 1/82), Montevale (Fulton, Franklin, 8. Cumberland Co. PA, 2/82) and the first Canadian shire, Seashire (Halifax, Nova Scotia, 3/82).

There were three new cantons as well. BBM got Bowman’s Rest (Hartford CT, 11/81), Bhakhail got Lorel Holdfast (Haverford PA, 1/88), and Thescorre got Random (Canadaigua NY. 2/82).

October AS XVII (1982)

Many of the new shires did not last long. Audhelm (4/82), Aldea (7/82), Morgandy Hill (7/82), Branswatch (7/82), Anrhyffedodd (8/82), and Collegium Montum (10/82) all failed, as well as Østgarđr’s canton, Iron Forest (4/82).

Most of the new groups formed around Concordia. The Hills (North Adams MA, 4/82) and Galagen (Lake George NY, 4/82) appeared in that region, and when Delftwood became a barony (10/82), their canton, Coppertree (Rome/Utica NY, 10/82), also grew (relatively) nearby. The only new shire not forming in this area was Shadowviela (Clinton & Lycoming Co. PA, 9/82).

Rhydderich Hael gained a canton; Mathnin (Fredonia NY, 9/82). Not to be left behind, Dragonship Haven and Settmour Swamp both got new cantons: Dragonford (Norwalk/Stamford CT, 8/82) and Burning Rivers (Montclalr NJ, 9/82), respectively. Bhakhail gained two cantons, Cwm Clwyd (Temple U., 6/82) and Inglenook (Media PA, 9/82), giving them a (presumed) record six cantons at one time.

May AS XVIII (1983)

The big news on this map is that Mountain Freehold has become a barony (11/82) and gained two cantons: Gobiintooth gap (Addison Co. VT, 1/83) and Gryphon’s Keep (Bennington VT, 5/83). Nearby, a number of changes have occurred. Galagalen (11/82), and Aldea (1/83) both folded, the latter replaced by Vatnaskvadstadir (Portsmouth NH, 5/83). Bryn Myrddin (Keene NH, 2/83, official status 5/83), Belle Rive (Hillsboro Co. NH, 4/83, official 5/83), and The Tymefolk (Stowe/Medway MA, 5/83) were founded. The Hills changed its name to Beorgscir (5/83).

Other new shires were Coeur du Monde (Huntington WV, 1/83), Citte del Mughetto (New Castle/Beaver Falls PA, 2/83), Iron Bog (Camden, Gloucester, and south Burlington Co. NJ, 5/83), and Riverbend (Moncton, New Brunswick, 5/83).

In cantons, Østgarđr lost Black Ford (11/82), Thescorre lost Random (11/82), and Bhakhail lost Ivory Tower (4/83). There were two new cantons, White Stone (Herkimer NY, 4/83) in Delftwood and Giant’s Gate (New Haven CT, 2/83) in Dragonship Haven. The former was Known as White Rock in its first month 0f existence.

Lastly, Burning Rivers gained independence from Settmour Swamp (12/82), Rhydderich Hael’s canton of Mathnin changed its name to the Free Marchlands, and Shadowviela changed its name to Djanetgrad (1/83).

April AS XVIII (1984)

While there have been many groups forming and dissolving recently, the overall growth of the Kingdom seems steady. This may be the result of “incipient status” becoming general practice throughout the Kingdom by this time.

Burning Rivers apparently could not survive independently; it died in June A.S. Xvlll (1983). Close by, however, Dragonfly Ridge (Northern NJ, 6/83) was founded. Henderson’s Haven (New Paltz NY, 3/84) Joined the Kingdom as well. Hollyndale was dissolved and reformed as Nordenhalle (Kingston NY, 3/84) at the same time.

The only changes in New England were the collapse of Misty Seacoast (8/83) and the birth of Smughandel Vei (Northeast VT, 10/83, official 3/84). Canada increased its groups by fifty percent: Wolfsgate (Kings Co., Nova Scotia, 3/84) was founded. Also in Canada, Riverbend changed its name to Belcastershire (10/83).

At the other end of the Kingdom, Citte del Mughetto became official (9/83) and Dachkehle (Wheeling WV, 1/84) was founded. BMDL gained the canton of Broken Bridges (Pittsburgh suburbs, 3/84), and Silver Tarn (see note below on location) was founded (3/84).

Other new shires were Lady’s Keep (wells College NY, 8/83), Barren Sands (Cape May NJ, 10/83), and lrondale (Bethlehem PA, 11/83). Bhakhail lost the cantons of Wolcen Weir (10/83) and Lorel Holdfast (10/83), while the Dark Canton became the canton of the Dark Temple (7/83). Østgarđr gained the canton of Viking’s Hall (Westchester & Putnam Co. NY, 12/83).

Finally, Djanetgrad became Dwymmerdell (3/84), Iron Bog gained official status (11/83), and Carillion became a barony (2/84).

On the Location of Silver Tarn: The document I obtained from the Kingdom Seneschal’s office gives the location of this shire as Hampstead, PA. The list of names maintained by Brigantia has the location as Hampston and Erie shore, PA. Neither “Hampstead” nor “Hampston” appears on the map of Pennsylvania that I checked (the Spring ’78 Triple – A New Jersey & Pennsylvania map).

Likely suspects include Hallstead and Hampton, but neither of them is near the Erie shore. l have chosen Hartstown, which is, as the location shown on the map. Anyone with further information on this matter is urged to contact the author.

December AS XIX (1984)

For whatever reason, many groups did not survive since the last map. Those that did not make it were Crimson Shore (7/84), Coeur du Monde (7/84), Henderson’s Haven (9/84), Delftwood’s canton of White Stone (9/84), Purneos (11/84), Rhydderich Hael’s Free Marchlands (12/84), Lady’s Keep (12/84), Citte del Mughetto (18/84), the Tymefolk (12/84) and Dwymmerdell (12/84).

Only three new groups arose to take their places: L’lle du Dragon Dormant (Montreal, Quebec, 8/84), Sterling Vayle (Binghamton NY. 10/84), and Riversmeet (Kanasha & Putnam Co. WV, 10/84). The name Sterling Vayle was an attempt to name the group after the most famous‘ person born in Binghamton, Rod Serling.

Nordenhalle and Dragonfly Ridge both became official (11/84 and 12/84, respectively). Bryn Myrddin became Caer Penbledd (6/84), Von Sosse became Bryn Canol (11/84), and Østgarđr’s Viking’s Hall became Northpass (12/84).

June AS XX (1985)

The Kingdom has by this time come fairly close to its present form, as most of the current groups are in place. New shires are Falconshire (Plattsburgh NY, 2/85), Breitaonair (Presque-isle ME, 2/85), Scorched Earth (Morgantown WV, 4/85), and St. Martin’s Field (Johnstown PA, 6/85). Those that did not make it are Silver Tarn (5/85) and Ashantal (5/85).

Mt. Freehold has gained two cantons: Cambria Keep (Univ. of VT, 5/85) and Narrenbeck (Burlington VT, 6/85). it has also changed from a Barony to a Province. The only difference is that the former has a baron and baroness, the latter does not. Østgarđr lost Madnan (5/85), but gained St. Pyr’s well (6/85). BMDL’s canton of Broken Bridges became official (3/85).

The remaining differences are name changes. Nem-ra-Nog changed to Nemoralis Noctua (4/85) and lrondale became Eisenthal (5/85).

April AS XX (1986)

New England was decimated in this interval, losing five groups in the space of three months. The unlucky groups were Ballycon (10/85), Beorgscir (10/85), BBM’s canton of Falcon’s Ayrie (10/85), Mt. Freehold’s Goblintooth Gap (12/85) and Vinland (12/85). Breitaonair met its demise earlier (8/85). Elsewhere, Bhakhail’s canton of the Dark Temple (11/85) and Belcastershire (2/86) both died. Scorched Earth was reorganized into Swampwater Springs (3/86), and in Dragonship Haven, the cantons 0f Flaming Forge and Dragonford were combined into the canton of Dragon Forge.

A few new groups appeared to minimize the overall loss. Black Rose (Camp Hill PA, 8/85), Coill Tuar (Southern Ulster Co. NY, 10/85), and Carillion’s Keep by the Endless Sea (Bradley Beach NJ, 12/85) appear for the first time here.

0f equal importance, several groups reached official status. They were Østgarđr’s canton of Northpass (8/85), L’lle du Dragon Dormant (9/85), Sterling Vayle (9/85), and Eisenthal (1/86).

St. Martin’s Field changed its name to St. Swithin’s Bog (1/86) and Bryn Canol changed to Quintavia (3/86).

September AS XXII (1987)

Apparently, you can’t keep a group out of Maine: Endewearde was formed in January A.S. XXI (1987). At the other end of the Kingdom, reorganization did not help Swampwater Springs, they dissolved in June A.S. XXI (1986).

All groups waiting for official status got it. Coill Tuar, St. Swithin’s Bog, Riversmeet, and Østgarđr’s canton of St. Pyr’s well made it in June A.S. XXI (1986). Black Rose did it in February A.S. XXI (1987), and Narrenbeck, a canton of Mt. Freehold, did it three months later. Greenwoode Mountain (Greene & Columbia Co. NY, 10/86) was founded and reached official status in eight months (6/87).

Other new groups include Stormsport (Erie PA, 11/86), Orion’s Gate (Jefferson Co. NY, 3/87), and Rivers Mist (Clinton, Lycoming, & Snyder Co. PA, 6/87). Mt. Freehold lost its cantons of Gryphon’s Keep (6/86) and Cambria Keep (6/87), but gained Hazelden (Barre/Montpelier VT, 1/87).

Anrhyffedodd (5/86), Dragonfly Ridge (2/87), and Falconshire (8/87) all folded in this interval.

In other news, Coppertree gained independence from Delftwood (5/87), and Vaicor changed its name to Frosted Hills (6/86) after an old dispute with the original Frosted Hills (Poughkeepsie NY) was settled.

January AS XXIII (1989)

A new wave of growth seems to be sweeping the kingdom. only two groups, Orion’s Gate (3/88) and BMDL’s Broken Bridges (5/88), dissolved while nine new groups appear. They are Hartshorn-Dale (Chester & Montgomery Co. PA, 10/87), St. Maurice (Trois Rivieres, Quebec, 12/87), Silver Rhyll (Lancaster 8. Lebanon Co. PA, 2/88), the canton of Lions End (Nassau Co. NY, 2/88) in Østgarđr, Lyndhaven (Fredericton, New Brunswick, 2/88), Gaidhealach Dorchadh (North and Central WV, 2/88), Settmour Swamp’s canton of Marwick (Union NJ. 10/88), Ar N’Eilean-ne (St. John’s, Newfoundland, (11/88), and the canton of Brewer’s Keep (Albany NY, 5/88).

It should be noted that Marwick was called Nethermoer in its first month of existence, likewise Brewer’s Keep was called Meandering Rivers for six months.

Stormsport (11/87), Endewearde (3/88), and Hartshorn-Dale (12/88) all made official status, but the major change for this map was that all the groups in New Hampshire combined to form the Barony of Stonemarche (10/87), and the Barony of Ruantallan (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, 10/88) formed with Seashire and Wolfsgate as its cantons.

January AS XXIV (1990)

it had become quite obvious that the East Kingdom was the largest in population of any Kingdom in the Society, and even excluding Drachenwald (Europe) the size of the Kingdom was getting too difficult to administer. Therefore, after much debate, the Principality of Æthelmark was formed out of the western end 0f the Kingdom. The groups included in the principality are shown by squares as opposed to circles.

The general growth of the Kingdom continued, the only loss being Dachkehle (3/89). New groups were Glenn Linn (Glens Falls NY, 2/89), Port Oasis (Huntington WV, 9/89), Coldwood (Plattsburgh NY, 10/89), and Østgarđr’s canton of the Whyt Whey (Manhattan, 8/89).

The reason for the name of the latter goes back into history. In the early years of the Kingdom, it was pointed out that the name “Østgarđr” sounds like the Danish term for “cheese farm.” This story was resurrected at about the same time that the canton was forming. So…

Finally, official status was granted to Silver Rhyll (3/89), River’s Mist (3/89), the canton of Lions End in (Østgarđr (3/89), and Gaidhealach Dorchadh (8/89) which changed its name to Misty Highlands at the same time.


This is a listing of all groups which appear on the maps and in the accompanying text. The first column contains the names in alphabetical order, the second and third the location (the territory claimed by the group), and the last gives the page numbers for the text where the name appears. It can generally be assumed that if there are two numbers, the group exists on all maps between those two. it follows that if there is one number, that indicates the founding of the group which still exists in one form or another.

Editor’s Note: This web document does not contain page numbers, so they have been omitted from this listing; you may search for the branch’s name to find places where it is mentioned in the text.

Aldea: Exeter/Portsmouth, NH
An Dubhaigeainn: Suffolk Co., NY
Anglespur: Troy, NY
Anrhyffedodd: Hanover, NH
Ar N’eilean-ne: St. John’s, NF
Aradia: Westmoreland, PA
Ashantal: Geneseo, NY
Audhelm: Point Carbine, PA
Ballycon: Beverly/Andover, NH
Barren Sands: Cape May Co. et. al., NJ
Beau Fleuve: Niagra Falls, NY
Belcastershire: Moncton, NE
Belle Rive: Hillsboro CD., NH
Beorgscir: North Adams, MA
Bergenthal: Western, MA
Bethanie: Wheeling, WV
Beyond the Mountain: CT
Bhakhail: Philadelphia, PA
Black Ford: Fordham U. NYC, NY
Black Rose: Camp Hill, PA
Blasted Heath: N. Bergen, NJ
Bowman’s Rest: Hartford, CT
Branswatch: NH
Breitaonair: Presque-Isle, ME
Brewers Keep: Albany, NY
Briarwood Valley: Follansby, WV
Bridge: RI
Broken Bridges: Pittsb. suburbs, PR
Bryn Canol: Worcester, MA
Bryn Myrddin: Keene, NH
Burning Rivers: Montclair, NJ
Caer Achwyn: Bryn Mawr, PA
Caer Leon: Norcester, MR
Caer Pennbledd: Keene, NH
Caid-ja: Geneseo, NY
Cambria Keep: Burlington (U of VT), VT
Carillion: Monmouth & Ocean Co., NJ
Carolingia: Boston, MA
Citte del Nughetto: NewCastle/BeaverFa1ls, PA
Coeur de Honde: Huntington, WV
Coill Drdha: Hackettstown, NJ
Coill Tuar: Southern Ulster Co., NY
Coldwood: Plattsburgh, NY
College on the Hill: Brown Univ., RI
Collegium Montum: Morgantown, WV
Concordia: Albany/Schenectady, NY
Coppertree: Rome/Utica, NY
Cormadon: Albany, NY
Cour d’0r: Pittsburgh, PA
Crescent Moon: Wexford, PA
Crimson Shore: Erie, PA
Cwm Clwyd: Temple U., PA
Dachkehle: Wheeling, WV
Dark Canton: City Coll. of NY, NY
Dark Temple: Temple U., PA
Dawnfield: Harrisburg, PA
Debateable Lands: GreaterAPittsburgh, PA
Delftwood: Syracuse, NY
Djanetgrad: Clinton & Lycoming Co., PA
Dorno Aral: Suffolk Co., NY
Dragon Forge: Southwest, CT
Dragonfly Ridge: Northern, NJ
Dragonford: Norwalk/Stamford, CT
Dragonship Haven: Southwest, CT
Drunemeton: Plattsburgh, NY
Dwymmerdell: Clinton & Lycoming Co., PA
Eastmere: Buffalo, NY
Eisental: Bethlehem, PA
Endewearde: North and Central, ME
Endless Hills: Scranton, PA
Falcon’s Ayrie: Groton, CT
Falconshire: Plattsburgh, NY
Fennbrycg: Univ. of Conn., CT
Flaming Forge: Bridgeport, CT
Free Marchlands: Fredonia, NY
Freya: Upsala Coll., NJ
Frosted Hills: Poughkeepsie, NY
Frosted Hills: Dutchess Co., NY
Gaidhealach Dorchadh: North and Central WV
Galagalen: Lake George, NY
Giant’s Gate: New Haven, CT
Glenn Linn: Glens Falls, NY
Goblintooth Gap: Addison Co., VT
Greenewoode Mt.: Greene & Columbia Co., NY
Gryphon Wald: New Brunswick, NJ
Gryphon’s Keep: Bennington, VT
Hartshorn-dale: Chester & Montgomery Co., PA
Hazelden: Barre/Montpelier, VT
Henderson’s Haven: New Paltz, NY
Hephaestus: Follansby, WV
Hollin: Kingston, NY
Hollyndale: Kingston, NY
Hostigos: State College, PA
Inglenook: Media, PA
Iron Bog: Camden, Gloucester, Burlington Co., NJ
Iron Forest: Sloatsburg, NY
Irondale: Bethlehem, PA
Iveyinrust: U of PA, Phil., PA
Ivory Tower: Swarthmore Coll., PA
Janewiem: Wexford, PA
Keep by the Endless Sea: Bradley Beach, NJ
King’s Heights: Columbia U. NYC, NY
Lady’s Keep: Aurora, NY
L’Ile du Dragon Dormant: Montreal, QU
Lions End: Nassau Co., NY
Little Golden Folk: NH
Lorel Holdfast: Haverford, PA
Lost Mountain: Bethany, WV
Lyndhaven: Fredericton, NH
Madnan: Nassau Co., NY
Malagentia: Portland Co., ME
Marwick: Union, NJ
Mathnin: Fredonia, NY
Meandering Rivers: Albany, NY
Mermont: Marblehead, MA
Misty Highlands: North and Central WV
Misty Seacoast: Bath, ME
Montevale: Fulton, Franklin, & Cumberland Co., PA
Morgana: Morgantown, WV
Morgandy Hill: Nashua, NH
Mountain Freehold: VT
Myrkfaelinn: Ithaca, NY
Narrennbeck: Burlington, VT
Nem-ra-Noq: Greensburg, PA
Nemoralis Noctua: Greensburg, PA
Nethermoer: Union, NJ
Nithgaard: State College, PA
Nordenhalle: Kingston, NY
Nordwald: Woonsocket, RI
Normandie: Butler, PA
Northern Outpost: Potsdam, NY
Northpass: Westchester & Putnam Co., NY
Orion’s Gate: Jefferson Co., NY
Østgardr: Greater N.Y.C., NY
Pavonia: New Brunswick, NJ
Port Oasis: Huntington, WV
Purneos: Follansby, WV
Quintavia: Worcester Co., MA
Random: Canandaigua, NY
Ravenhill: Danbury, CT
Rhydderich Hael: Niagra/Buffalo, NY
River’s Mist: Clinton, Lycoming, Snyder Co., PA
Riverbend: Moncton, CAN
Riversmeet: Kanasha & Putnam Co., WV
Ruantallan: Nova Scotia & P.E.I., CA
Rusted Woodlands: Bergen & Passaic Co., NJ
Scorched Earth: Morgantown, WV
Seashire: Halifax, NS
Settmour Swamp: Somerset & Morris Co., NJ
Shadowviela: Clinton & Lycoming Co., PA
Silver Phoenix: Darlington, PA
Silver Rhyll: Lancaster & Lebanon Co., PA
Silver Tarn: Hampstead, PA
Smoking Rocks: Southeast MA
Smughandle Vei: Northeast VT
St. Dunstan’s: NYU, NYC, NY
St: Martin’s Field: Johnstown, PA
St. Maurice: Trois Rivieres, QU
St. Pyr’s Well: Staten Island, NY
St. Swithin’s Bog: Johnstown, PA
Sterlynge Vayle: Binghamton, NY
Stone Keep: West Point, NY
Stonemarche: NH
Stormsport: Erie, PA
Sudavantes: Washington Co., PA
Swampwater Springs: Buckhannon, WV
The Brook: Stony Brook, NY
The Hills: North Adams, MA
The Tymefolk: Stowe/Medway, MA
Towers: Northeast, MA
Trollhaven: Southern, RI
Two Rivers: Greater N.Y.C., NY
Valcor: Dutchess Co., NY
Vatnaskvadstadir: Portsmouth, NH
Viking’s Hall: Westchester & Putnam Co., NY
Vinland: Northern, ME
Von Sosse: Worcester Co., MA
Walking Dunes: Southhampton Coll., NY
White Rock: Herkimer, NY
White Stone: Herkimer, NY
Whyt Whey: Manhattan, NY
Wolcen Weir: Phoenixville, PA
Wolfsgate: Kings Co., NS